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Get the ebook today!

Snapwire June Challenge Winners

Snapwire Challenges are open to any photographer level which means that everyone can participate in the fun. Below are the hand-selected winners from the June Challenges. 


Creative Brief: For this week's Snapwire Challenge, we're looking for photos of diverse mothers with their children. The key here is authenticity. The photos need to feel natural, not staged. The subjects we're hoping to capture are mothers going through life with their kids. We want to see the mothers and kids doing some sort of activity to tell a story (ex. making dinner, singing songs, driving in the car, reading, having a meal). You may also submit photos of pregnant women, to grandmothers with children and grandchildren. Happy Shooting! 

Congratulations to Stephen Ramos for winning the challenge with this incredible shot that beautifully portrays the beginning of motherhood.

Point of View

Creative Brief: For this Challenge, we want to see your best images that portray a unique point of view (POV). Images should show make the viewer feel in the shoes of the character in the image. Creativity for setting is encouraged and we should really get a sense of scope for what the scene feels like. Good luck and Happy Shooting! 

Congratulations to Sasha Alperin for winning the challenge with this breathtaking photo of the Tel Aviv coastline. 


Creative Brief: This week's Snapwire Challenge is about healthcare, healthcare workers, caregivers, and medical professionals. Images can also include the details and tools used by these individuals in their occupations. This challenge is open to images of any type of healthcare; nurses, doctors, pediatricians, dentists, caregivers, specialized technicians or other health specialists. Make sure that your images are unique and authentic in appearance. So get out there and capture some images that showcase the great job that many people do to help others. Good Luck and Happy Shooting!

Congratulations to Gina P for winning the Challenge with this fun teddy bear doctor's office photo.

Portraits of Businessperson

Creative Brief: Please submit photos of businessmen, businesswomen in casual or business attire. They can be headshot, profile, chest up, waist up, 3/4 and of course, full body shots. Please include candid photos, models looking and not looking at the camera, different poses from different angles and expressions such as smiling with and without showing teeth, serious, pensive, shocked, confused, angry, surprise, happy, etc. We're excited to see your submissions! Good luck and happy shooting! 

Congratulations to Maile Marie Photography for winning the challenge with this edgy and modern look for a businesswomen in today's society. 

To submit your own photos to open challenges and requests, use this link






How to Shoot Like A Pro On Your iPhone.

Hey photographers looking for tips on how to shoot on your iPhone like a pro? Apple has got you covered. On you can find tutorials that can help turn any iPhone user into a photographer. 

Here are just a few of their photographer tutorials on their website. 

How To Shoot During Golden Hour 

How to Edit with Portrait Lighting Effects on iPhone  

How to Shoot a Group Portrait on iPhone

Apple also offers effects specifically for the iPhone X for you to check out. 

How to Shoot Slo-Mo on the iPhone X 

How to Shoot Using Backlight on iPhone X 

How to Edit a Portrait Selfie on iPhone X

Check out all of their tips and techniques for your photos and videos at


How to Upload Photos into Snapwire Photo Assignments Quickly Using FTP

When invited to a photo assignment on Snapwire, you're often required to submit many photos. Our standard photographer roles only allow you to upload 10 photos at a time. We realize that this can be a very time consuming process, especially if uploading RAW files (which are bigger in size, and thus take longer to upload).

We have rolled out an FTP solution to help. Here's how to use it!

Section 1. Getting Familiar with FTP Clients

If you're already familiar with FTPs and have one installed on your computer you can skip to section 2.

We like to use FileZilla. It's free and super easy to use. Once on their homepage, click the button that says Download FileZilla Client and install it to your computer. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.16.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.18.50 PM.png

From here, open up FileZilla and you'll see a window that looks like the photo below. FTP Clients work by connecting to computer servers to quickly transfer files from your computer to another computer. The left side of the screen will show your computer and all the files that currently exist on your computer. The right side of the screen shows the computer that you will be connecting to. 

At the top of the screen you'll see some fields titled "Host" "Username" and "Password". These are the keys that will allow you to connect to the other computer. To upload photos to an assignment on Snapwire, you first have to tell the FTP Client where the photos need to go by inputting the key. 


Section 2: Validating your FTP Connection to the Snapwire Server

Step 1: Log into your Snapwire account

Step 2: Navigate to your Settings and scroll down to where you see the section that says "Use FTP to download and upload large amounts of photos."

Step 3: Your password must contain a mix of uppercase letters and numbers. After typing in the FTP password you want to use, hit the red Save button on your account. Every time you use FTP you can input the same password. If you'd like to change the password at any point you can repeat this step.

Step 4: From there, the page will refresh and populate a green connection info link. This is your FTP key which will allow you to upload photos to any assignment you are invited to.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.25.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.28.13 PM.png

Section 3: Connect to the FTP

Once you have this information, you can now connect to the Snapwire server. The host will always be "" the username will always be your Snapwire username, and the password will be the password you typed in.

You can also copy and paste the entire connection info link, and paste it into the host field on the FTP client and click QuickConnect. It'll automatically fill in the field for you and connect to the server. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.35.34 PM.png

Section 4: Transfer your photos from your computer to the Snapwire Assignment

Step 1: On the left side of the screen, find the folder where the images that you want to upload are. Double click to navigate into the folder. 

Step 2: Double Click "Requests" 

Step 3: Double Click "Invited" to see all the requests that you're invited to

Step 4: Double Click the specific request that you want to upload photos into

Step 5: Drag the photos from the left side of the screen into the request on the right side

Each photo will take a few minutes to upload. Once it uploads, it will transfer to the "Successful transfers" tab. If, for any reason a photo fails to transfer it will appear in the "Failed transfers" tab.  


Section 5: Check Back on Snapwire for the Results!

After your photos have uploaded, you'll see them in the specific request that you uploaded them into. They will also appear in your Content Manager. With FTP Uploader, it will insert the name of the file on your desktop into the Description of the image. If you'd like to edit any of this information you can do it in your Content Manager. 

That's it! For troubleshooting questions please email

Hey Photographers! Want To Get Paid For Your Shots?

Take a look at the current Snapwire challenges that you should participate in today! You do not need to be a professional photographer to be recognized for your work. Snapwire's Challenges page on our website are created by buyers and are open to any photographer level. The winner will get their shot purchased. If you are a "shooter" level photographer or higher, you can participate in requests found on our Requests page from companies such as Google. To learn more about our quality control leveling for photographers, visit  


Here are just some of the challenges that are open right now. Check out our website to discover more. 

Football & Soccer 

If you enjoy sports and like to take photos of the action, this is the perfect challenge for you.  

Fires & Firefighters

Everyone loves a true hero and fires are so aesthetically pleasing so why not.

Cats and Dogs 

Take time to capture shots of your favorite furry friends.  

Go to the Challenges page to submit and view the other challenges. If you have not created an account, sign up here. Good Luck and Happy Shooting. 


Snapwire March Challenge Winners

One of the most popular features on Snapwire is our requests page. Here, high ranking photographers can search through thousands of image requests and see if any of their content matches what buyers are looking for. Through this page buyers can also launch "photo challenges" where anyone signed up to the site can submit their photos to potentially be chosen. 


Below are the hand-picked winners of Snapwire's three March photo challenges.

In The Mountains

Creative Brief: This week's Snapwire Challenge will be anything 'in the mountains'. We'd like to focus more on hiking, camping and mountain climbing, but we will also consider photos of beautiful mountains, great scenery of forest and walkways in the middle of nowhere. We will be nominating good/high quality photos that follow the brief, please check our blog posts to get some tips: :

Go out, enjoy the nature and happy shooting!

Christoph Schaarschmidt took this beautiful image of Mount Taranaki in New Zealand rising out of some early-morning fog. The way the cloud layer separates the brush from the mountain-top gives the image a cool layered feel. 

Check out the original request here.

Cheese Overload

Creative Brief: This Snapwire Challenge will be something mouthwatering guilty pleasure - cheese! This could start from cheese palette, a delicious variety of cheese with or without wine, cheese store, cheese factory, rounds of cheese, melted cheese, to something we cook with like pizza, carbonara, lasagna, mac and cheese, cheesecake, grilled cheese sandwich, mozzarella sticks, cheeseburgers, nachos or any food that has lots of cheese in it. Good luck and enjoy shooting!

We chose this photo taken by Lena Otvodenko of some delicious looking burrata placed on a bed of tomatoes and arugula to be the winner of this challenge. The cheese looks mouthwateringly fresh and stands out against the neutral background.

Check out the original request here.


Creative Brief: This Snapwire Challenge is open to anything vibrant - people or pets full of energy and enthusiasm, energetic kids, things that are very bright and colorful, photos of places / landscapes in vibrant colors, rainbow, stylish and colorful clothes, bold makeup looks, different fruits organized by colors, paint pallet, colored powder, portraits in solid colored background, sprinkles, abstract, etc. Happy Shooting!

The way the vibrant blue and purple smoke masks the face of the subject in this shot by Jennifer Tunberg really grabs our attention. The detail you can see in the smoke makes it look almost solid and really makes the viewer do a double take in an attempt to try to understand what they are looking at. Very cool and original! 

Check out the original request here.

To submit your own photos to open requests follow this link

Snapwire Updates: March

In an effort to keep the community informed about software and product updates to Snapwire we try to post once a month about any new or big changes. Here are some of this month's big updates: 

Subscriptions: After extensive testing and customer interviews we made the decision to switch the marketplace library to a subscription only offering. This means buyers can no longer purchase images a la carte and browse for free. Instead, they must subscribe to a predefined package. We have always had subscriptions as part of our core offering, but we decided to make the switch after it was apparent that downloads on a per photo basis would increase substantially if we only offered subscriptions. We believe this will greatly increase your earnings as a photographer as there will be more people downloading images from the library than ever before. With this in mind it is more important than ever to constantly be updating your portfolio. If you haven't already be sure to read about how to upload via FTP to your profile here


Snapwire Winter Challenge Winners

One of the most popular features on Snapwire is our requests page. Here, high ranking photographers can search through thousands of image requests and see if any of their content matches what buyers are looking for. Through this page buyers can also launch "photo challenges" where anyone signed up to the site can submit their photos to potentially be chosen. 

Below are the hand-picked winners of Snapwire's four most recent photo challenges. 

Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Creative Brief: UltraViolet is an enigmatic purple shade that evokes the inventive spirit and imaginative thinking. Photos could start from fashion - clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, hair; design - interior, art, paint, furniture, etc.; or food like treats, cupcakes, ice cream, sweets, objects or even flowers, anything ultra violet! Cheers to 2018!

After looking through the 3311 shots submitted to this challenge, we all voted and decided the one that screamed "Ultra Violet" to us was this image taken by Bernie Butler. The shot is creative, fresh and exactly what we were looking for.   

Check out the original request here.


Creative Brief: Be sweet, get romantic, and share what this holiday looks like for you. Show us your best photos; decorations, couples, candy, hearts, crafts... Capture special moments, be creative, and have fun!

The Valentine's challenge brought a lot of cool and creative images to our attention making it hard to choose the winner. But after some careful deliberations we all agreed that this image by Leila Milaya took the lead.

Check out the original request here.


Creative Brief: We're looking for Creatives at work in casual, intimate workspaces. Photo should contain one or more people, age 18-49, can be shot from close or far away. Space and subject should feel warm and inviting, indoor or outdoor spaces are great. It could be a co-work space, a coffee shop, a home-office, living space, or other casual work environment. You could use a friend to pose in the shot, or find a natural moment as well.

This shot by Bradley Ratliff brings together the elements we deemed distinctive of a cozy, casual work space. The warm colors of the room along with the candidness of the models make for an naturally inviting image. 

Check out the original request here.


Creative Brief: We'd like to see your favorite Snacks. Could be something healthy like mixed nuts: almond, cashew, chickpeas; fruits such as apple, grapes, or even dried fruits; smoothies; something you can easily buy from grocery like banana chips, nutritious mixed berries, chocolate or energy bars, crackers, dark chocolate, cereal, cheese, popcorn, cookies, etc. Photos could be with or without people, would also be fun to see 'messy snacking' like a photo of a toddler covered with lots and lots of food all over his mouth and face, family or friends watching a movie at home while eating snacks, person having midnight snack, etc.

This image by Mandy Stephenson showcases the most delicious way to cool yourself down on a hot summer day, WATERMELON. The shot is fun, fresh and totally nostalgic which is why we chose it for the winner of this challenge.

Check out the original request here.