3 Steps to Increase your Instagram Following

How can you increase your Instagram following? Whether you are an established or aspiring brand/social influencer, these three tips will help you to optimize your time on Instagram. They will help you build and retain a stronger Instagram following, increase content quality, and engagement levels. Lets get into it!

#1 - Post Consistently

Posting consistently is absolutely essential because it increases your social presence. What is social presence? It is, "The degree of interaction and visibility between oneself and others in a social network." When you are posting consistently, you are sending the message to your following that you are a active, reliable, and trustworthy member of the social community. This is the first and most important tip because reliability and trustworthiness are paramount and attractive characteristics when building any brand or profile. 

Recent studies show that top brand accounts that post consistently have the highest following growth rates. Currently, the fastest growing top brands are @chanelofficial and @zara

@chanelofficial and @zara grow their Instagram following by an average of 1.17% per. week. This may not sound very impressive, but 1.17% for them is hundreds of thousands of followers. 

Interestingly, the number of times you post a day is not as important as maintaining that frequency. The key to the locked door of building your following being reliability, make sure your post frequency is steady. Although they are still a top brand, @nike does not post consistently and has a dramatically lower average growth rate of only .3% per. week.

As far as numbers go, posting consistently could mean posting one, five, or ten photos everyday but be sure to hold to that number. If your post rate drops, your Instagram following will likely also. Even though the number of times you post a day is not as important as sustaining that post rate, the general rule of thumb from many different studies is posting 1.5 times per. day. 

#2 - Fully Optimize your Content

The first step to fully optimizing your content to is exclusively posting high quality photos/ videos to your feed. The quality of  your post reflects the quality of your brand. What makes content high quality? High resolution captures, well framed shots, and human elements are all key pieces to quality content. High resolution content is clearer and more life-like. This sends a message to your audience that your profile or brand is professional. Well framed shots are another important factor to high quality content. Make sure the main subject of your photo/video fits into or is the cover photo for your post. Lastly, human elements in your content make them more authentic and relatable. Here are a few examples of high quality and well framed images with human elements: 

Photos in order by: @oliviariddering, @graydenpapers, @jameslano, @alexeydulin

The second step for optimizing your content is being trendy. Track trending hashtags, well performing content on other top brand/profile accounts, and other viral themes/challenges. Keeping up with trends is one of the fastest ways to increasing your Instagram following because  it increases your account exposure. Using trending hashtags and creating trending posts expands you audience beyond your normal following to the entire world following that trend.

Lastly, create comments that encourage engagement. Comments directly asking your following for a response or opinion perform the best. Open questions and asking for comments increases engagement by 300% on average.

#3 - Utilize Instagram Stories

The Instagram story has become extremely popular making it an important  tool to take advantage of. According to a CNBC article, only ten months after Instagram released their story feature in august of 2016, it had an average of 250 million active daily users.  Six years after it was founded, Snapchat still has less than 180 million active daily users. Utilizing Instagram stories is another great way to reinforce social presence too!

Here are a few tips for creating an engaging Instagram story:

A. Use Stickers and Polls 

Stickers and Polls are fun ways to engage and have fun or get real feedback from your following.


B. Add Hyper-links to your stories 

Hyper-links increase website and promotional page traffic.


C. Be friendly!

Spur engagement in multiple places on the platform (DM's, post comment section, and story comment section)


D. Highlight New Posts

Highlighting new posts drives traffic to your main feed.


In Conclusion...

So remember to post consistently, optimize your content, and utilize Instagram Stories. Be patient, Increasing your Instagram Following will take time. Commit to these steps and you will be great!

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