Buyer Sketches Their Vision and Gets Incredible Results for Magazine Cover

Snapwire Case Studies


Beverage Media Group is a dominant business-to-business communications system for the promotion, distribution, and marketing of beverage alcohol products both online and in print. Their monthly issue reaches 33 markets and 80,000 trade members,  combiningin-depth national and local editorial coverage with brand and price listings from distributors


Beverage Media Group needed an image for the cover of their March 2015 issue. They had the exact idea of the image in mind: a whiskey shot glass in a bar, but no photographers to get the image sourced. 


Snapwire worked with Beverage Media Group to launch the request, "Irish Whiskey in Bar" on our platform. We included the specifications of what Beverage Media Group was looking for in the creative brief as well as a comprehensive sketch of their vision:


With the launch of the request, over 94 high-quality images were uploaded by photographer's in our community. Out of those images Beverage Media Group purchased their favorite image, which matched the creative brief and the initial sketch. The cover of the magazine speaks for itself in the success of this photo assignment. 

See the assignment here