I am thankful for...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful to have you as a part of community. Snapwire wouldn’t be anything without our amazingly talented creators and innovative buyers. Thank you choosing us share and create your stories.

 Photo by: MASTER |  Lelia Milaya

Photo by: MASTER | Lelia Milaya

Although most of our team is not American, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, The Snapwire Team all sat down and talked about what we were thankful for. Here are our answers:

“I'm thankful for my dedicated team who works tirelessly on executing the vision I've laid down for our amazing company.” - Chad

“My cats Wallace and Wasabi!” - Ryan

“i'd say i'm thankful the most for my incredible friends and family. having a constant supply of love and support means the most to me. i'm also insanely thankful to be working in a field i absolutely love and am so proud to be a part of.” - Brian

“My health!” - Sean

“Family! A very supportive husband and a great father to our children and of course my smart and well-disciplined kids. Plus working with a great team - never had issues nor misunderstanding, so it's stress-free!” - Ervinna

“I am thankful for learning from my mistakes. And the 1999 hit "Smooth" by Santana” - Justin

“I am thankful for friends, family, and the beautiful city that I live in.” - Alexis

“I'm thankful that not everything is under my control, but the vast majority of the time everything works out.” - Riley

“Sunsets and doggos” - Ricky

“I would not be anything without my family (born into & chosen) & am ever so thankful for their continuous support & our shared love of prosecco, good tunes, and tacos.” - Audrey

Happy Thanksgiving!