The Perfect Gifts for Photographers

December is here and that means the holidays are just around the snow frosted corner. Now I know we are older and don’t have time to cut toys out of the ads and glue them on a Christmas list to send to Granny, so I thought I would put together some gift ideas for the photographer in your life (or for you! treat yo self Santa’s little helper!)

Instant Camera - I know you love your photographer so much that you would buy them the Lieca M10 Digital Rangefinder if you had 7,000 dollars in your holiday budget, so why not opt for the a little more expense friendly with a Polaroid camera! Different sized prints, a variety of colors of cameras, takes artsy shots and selfie with friends, this is the perfect gift for any age photographer.

Massage Gift Certificate - Running around after bridesmaids, sitting in the dark hunched over your computer editing for hours, and climbing to the top of the lookout at sunrise is not easy on your artist brain and body. Relax at the spa and get those shoulders rubbed.

Subscriptions to editing tools such a Vsco, Heck Yeah, Dirty Boots and Messy Hair, or Priime. Editing can help define your style. With help from presets, photographer’s work can quickly look cohesive and stylized if a quick and customizable manner. Gift them an extra editing buddy this season.

Camera Strap - Support small businesses while supporting your camera. Etsy has an amazing amount of unique camera straps to keep your equipment safe and stylish.

Heath Insurance - Let’s be honest, most photographers now days work for themselves. While that is fun on editing days in your pijamas, when you get sick, no coverage can be as costly as a new lens. If you have the ability (I see you rich Auntie that likes to spoil!) I suggest you find a local basic insurance plan to keep your little artist healthy in the new year.

Camera Bag - Small to large, your photographer needs a place to hold their artist tools and damn there are some funky cool bags out there. I suggest ONA for the classy/sophisticated, Lowepro for the adventurer, and Gogroove for the stylish.

Hopefully that helps your holiday shopping go quick and easy! Want everything on this list, but afraid to buy it for yourself? Send it over to your family and a little hint that this year you might not want socks!