Where are you from?

We are all about community here at Snapwire (WE LOVE YOU GUYS) and are constantly trying to find ways to get to know you better.

When our community support boss babe Ervinna came up with the challenge Where are you from? we had no idea that you would submit such a vast and beautiful amount of imagery. What an amazing world we live in! Cheesy as it sounds, how cool is it that we all share a love for photography even though we are all from very different places?

It was absolutely inspiring to scroll through the landscapes, portraits, and food shots, that I thought I should share a few:

ADVANCED |  Bora Bakan

ADVANCED | Bora Bakan

EXPERT |  Cathleen Warren
EXPERT |  Tiffany Lee

EXPERT | Tiffany Lee

ADVANCED |  Viorelia Tarta

ADVANCED | Viorelia Tarta

MASTER |  Samantha Snitzer
ADVANCED |  Suloara Allokendek
ADVANCED |  Robby Woo

ADVANCED | Robby Woo

SHOOTER | Nikita Myagkov

SHOOTER | Nikita Myagkov

ELITE |  Elsa Blake

ELITE | Elsa Blake

ELITE |  Ezairi Mohd

ELITE | Ezairi Mohd

PRO |  Ihor Rapita
SHOOTER |  Patricia Palacin
SHOOTER |  Julliet Serov

SHOOTER | Julliet Serov

MASTER |  Robert Robertson
ELITE |  Sasha Alperin

Travel the world further and take a look at the rest of the submissions!