We Just Got Accepted to One of the Top Accelerators in the US !

Snapwire is excited to announce that we have been accepted into the notable Alchemist Accelerator! This is a great opportunity for Snapwire, as the Alchemist is one of the top accelerators in the country according to Tech Crunch


Start-up accelerators help entrepreneurs get on their feet and grow successful companies. The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating startups whose revenue comes from enterprises (not consumers). Seeding around 40 start-ups each year, they have backed companies such as Wise.io, Dropbox, UPSHOT, Neoreach, and CryptoMove. Investors in the Alchemist Accelerator program include Citrix, Cisco, Founders Fund, Redpoint, Salesforce, Voyager Capital and Lowe’s. 

Snapwire is 1 of 17 companies that was accepted into the highly selective six month program. The program provides $36,000 of investment, an association of high potential founders, sought after mentors, customer development, and a structured path to fundraising. The numbers from graduated companies show that the program can be very beneficial. Alchemist accelerators have seen over 80% of the companies they work with go on to close an institutional round within 12 months of graduating from the program. 

One of the most exciting parts of the program is Demo Day, an event in which a founder from each company pitches a room of venture capitalists. The objective is to impress an investor and receive a round of growth funding. 

We're honored to be in the program and think it will be extremely valuable to us as we gear up to scale and grow. We wanted to thank everyone in our community who believes in our vision. We can't wait to see what the future holds!

Put your money where your mouth is...

As an ambitious photographer trying to make it in the photography world, you know how it is to be strapped for cash and actively looking for ways to make more money. Producing a good photograph is hard- it takes patience, creativity, and talent. That is why you deserve fair payment and presence in the industry.  Luckily, Snapwire's platform gives you a way to make money from your photos, keep the copyright and get the majority of the earnings when your photos sell. We do this because we want all aspiring photographers to be able to continue to perfect their craft and get the recognition they deserve so that they can become professional creatives. 

 Photo by: Koichi Miyase

Photo by: Koichi Miyase

That is why with the introduction of our new crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder, we purposely lowered the investment minimum to $100 so that EVERYONE in our community would have the chance to be able to join our movement. It is important that a large amount of our photographer community gets in on this while we are still a small company, because our platform was created by photographers for photographers. It makes sense to own a share in something that is bringing value to your work. 

While a return on your investment is always part of the equation, the real reason our community is investing in us is because they see value in our innovative platform. Buyers and photographers alike are tired of using a broken model in which they don't get the payment they deserve and do not find the images they want. Snapwire provides a new twist to an outdated and broken model. Through our highly collaborative platform, photographers receive a fair share of their earnings and buyers can easily source  high-quality, relevant, and custom imagery. It is a win-win for everyone involved. 

 Photo by: Chun Hsing Lo

Photo by: Chun Hsing Lo

You're still probably thinking, "100 dollars is a really small amount for an investment," but in reality you can start investing with any amount. Investing is not only for loaded angel investors, it is for everyone. By skipping out on your daily soy latte  or choosing to stay in on a few Saturday nights, you can easily save $100. Interestingly enough, the most difficult part of investing is not scrounging up the money to do so, it is choosing to simply start. Once you make the effort to invest, you have decided to get your foot in the door and start a habit of investing that could lead to large payouts in the future. Check out our WeFunder page today to join our community of investors that are striving to bring about change in order to make photography human again!

Knowledge is power. Take Skillshare classes to improve your photography skills!

Skillshare is an online learning community where users can take thousands of classes in creative topics such as photography. Skillshare is providing Snapwire users with an exclusive free 3-month trial along with some curated classes to help Snapwire users shoot the best pictures for the Snapwire challenges below:

New Collection: Daring Doorways

How many times has your curiosity wandered as you walked past a building, leaving yourself thinking : "I wonder what's behind that door." Our new collection: Daring Doorways inspires similar thoughts with a selection of bold, intriguing, and beautiful doorways from around the world. 

More than just existing as movable, solid barriers for opening and closing an entranceway, doors have been chockfull of symbols since the beginning of recorded history. Doors symbolize new beginnings, transitions, possibilities, and potential. When a door is closed, a mysterious beyond is unknown and hidden from sight, so some sort of action needs to be taken to make it visible. What is ironic is that a closed door can signify both freedom and imprisonment. While it inspires feelings of potential because we feel that anything might lie beyond, it also creates limitations because there is uncertainty that we may never come to experience it. 

Also just the word "door" is used in many metaphors that we use in day-to-day conversations to describe states of minds and emotions. Think about it...

  • When we are in love we say: "I opened the door to my heart."
  • We we offer support we say: "My door is always open for you."
  • When we are ready to make amends: "I closed the door of my past when I forgave him."
  • When we decide to move on: "That door is now closed."

Isn't it fascinating that such a simple facet of our everyday lives can communicate so many different kind of feelings? Check out our new collection here to see what thoughts come up for you!

 Photo by: Haley St. Martin

Photo by: Haley St. Martin

 Photo by: Artem Zhushman

Photo by: Artem Zhushman

 Photo by: Erin McGean

Photo by: Erin McGean

 Photo by: Jill Emmer

Photo by: Jill Emmer

 Photo by: Julie Gebhardt

Photo by: Julie Gebhardt

We've Just Closed Another Round of Funding- But There's a Twist

Dear Snapwire community:


We have just raised more than 340% of our initial goal from some great investors and are thrilled to announce the launch of a new equity crowdfunding campaign through WeFunder.  What is unique about our new campaign is that we have lowered the investment minimum, so that everyone can easily invest in our mission. 

From Then To Now

We launched Snapwire, our photography community, 2 years ago. The goal was quite simple really, build a community around photography and connect that community to businesses that need great photos. Since then, our community has grown beyond what we initially envisioned.

In that short period of time our community has blown up to 350,000+ photographers shooting photos for companies like Google, Adobe, and some of the largest advertising agencies. We’ve built meaningful revenue, with substantial growth and a vision to build something huge. This is why we’ve decided to open up our fundraising efforts to people like you.

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

If you’re reading this, then you’re on the internet, where you're constantly scrolling through content. This content is typically filled with photos, some of these photos are excellent, some of these photos hurt your eyes. We tap and like and comment on them, we connect with them. Photos are the language of our generation, and businesses are willing to pay big bucks for authentic photos that people can actually connect with.

We’ve got something more than just a simple stock photography business. Rather, we have a fast growing community of people who are creative photographers that don’t tolerate cheesy photography. We’ve got the clients who are willing to pay for it and an environment that connects the two seamlessly.

That’s why we’re raising funds from people like you - to capitalize on our community growth/engagement, put fuel on the fire, and release even more products to rid the world of awkward stock photography forever. The opportunity to invest in private companies like Snapwire is not available to anyone after the passing of the JOBS Act in 2015. As fellow photographers and buyers in our community, how awesome would it be to own a stake in our company while it is still small? 

Okay I'm In, What are the Details?

Most of the money we’ve raised to date has come from traditional angel investors who bought into our vision in our earliest stages. We’ve had well respected investors such as Tom Glocer (CEO of Thomson Reuters) and Brian Lee (CEO of The Honest Company) help us get to where we are today. But, our most loyal users never had a chance to share our dream largely because it was simply unaffordable. Then late last year we launched our first crowdfunding campaign, but again out-priced some of our most loyal users. This time, we’re setting things straight and making our campaign affordable to anyone who wants to join. 

Quite simply, the more we raise, the more we grow. And the more we grow, the more you earn as an investor. If you’re wondering where we go from here, or simply how to even invest then click the button below and let’s do this together.

Read the Fine Print

We want to emphasize that investing in a start-up is all about risks and rewards, so make sure you educate yourself on the procedure. If you're here to only make quick money, you're in the wrong place. Investing in start-ups is truly about supporting founders and visions that you believe in and earning a return if that vision turns into reality. 

Disrupt the Stock Photography Industry

Check out our full campaign on WeFunder to understand the larger picture. The campaign page features key facts, a timeline of our company's progress, videos, information on current investors, and a space to ask questions. 

Introducing Collections: a New Way to Save and Sort Photos

You've asked for it, and we've been working hard to make it happen. You can now create collections to organize and showcase photos. This is definitely our biggest update of the year and we think it's pretty awesome.

Here's how to get started:

1. The new grid icon on the bottom right of the photos on Snapwire, allows you to add photos to a specified collection. 

2. Clicking on the collection button will bring a dropdown menu where you can either add the image to an existing collection or create a new collection. 

3. To access your collections, activate the sidebar and click on "My Collections." 

4. This is the interface for viewing your collections. Here you can rename, remove, or share your collections. You can also "Make Collection Public" which means that your collections will be able to be viewed by other Snapwire users. 

5. If you have created a public collection, you and others can view it on your Portfolio. 

Collections are great tools for buyers and photographers alike to organize and sort inspirational images. We can't wait to see some beautifully curated collections in the weeks to come!


Introducing Localized Requests

Since launching Snapwire, we have strived to be a groundbreaking platform that helps photographers make money doing what they love, while helping brands find authentic and unique content. We've been working hard to crank out improvements that accelerates this vision. Today we announce a pretty unique concept - local discovery.

Introducing Local Discovery

2 ways to invite photographers. 2 ways to discover Requests. 

For Buyers: 

This new improvement makes it easier to create Requests. The type of photographer you're looking for will dictate the type of request you create. Selecting the "Local" type will allow you to choose photographers in a specific location. This is the ideal request type if you're looking for someone local to shoot an event, or provide images of a particular park in your favorite metropolitan city. The uses for this feature are limitless and we think it will be immensely valuable for the future of image purchasing. 

2 Ways to Invite:

Personally invite only the best talent in your location...

Or, allow photographers to apply to shoot your request. Once you launch your request, you'll be able to see who has applied to shoot your request and approve them if they fit what you are looking for.

For Photographers:

There are now 2 ways to search for Requests: by concept or location. 

You can search for local Requests in your area and apply to shoot them! Make sure to update your Snapwire profile with your very best photographs. Buyers will look at your profile before deciding whether or not they want you to shoot their request. You will not be able to shoot or submit photos to the request until the buyer approves you.

We're hoping these new improvements will help photographers find opportunities in their area to make some money and expand their portfolio. We also hope it will simplify the photo-searching process by providing buyers with exactly what they're looking for.