Spotlight: Female Photographers

We've brought you some of the best and brightest from Snapwire's female photographers at all levels of expertise. This week's theme is "Bodies in Motion". Enjoy! 


Michelle Taylor, @maylilyphoto

Level: Shooter

Alexandra Kahn, @alexandrasimone

Level: Advanced

Jasmin Elaine, @jasminelaine

Level: Expert


Kelly Victoria, @saysthefox

Level: Elite

Amber Schoniwitz, @schyne

Level: Pro

Anna Jurkovska, @bananna

Level: Master

Happy Great Outdoors Month!

June, the month before the extreme heat starts, is the month of the great outdoor! In honor of the end of June is approaching, here are some awesome pictures that feature our beautiful mother nature from different destinations among the world.



 Grand Canyon, Arizona, US.    

Grand Canyon, Arizona, US. 


 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.       

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. 



 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.   

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.


 island Koh Lipe, Thailand.   

island Koh Lipe, Thailand.


 Godafoss waterfall, Iceland.      

Godafoss waterfall, Iceland.



Now, go out and explore some amazing outdoor scene before the summer heat hits!

10 Snapwire Users you Should Follow on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram was one of Snapwire's biggest inspirations? Each feed is a personal portfolio that displays the unique style of the photographer. We love interacting with our users on instagram. Here are a couple of our favorites!

1) Karan Bhatia @sendingstache: Last week Karan took over our instagram (@snapwire) and showcased his vibrant nature shots. If you are looking for travel inspiration, this is definitely the account for you. Karan always includes a short excerpt from his life in his captions, we love the personal feel of his feed!

 Check out Karan's snapwire profile  here

Check out Karan's snapwire profile here

2) Sandra Linnel @sannalin: Sandra is a creative photographer who takes ordinary objects and makes them extraordinary. Her feed includes some incredible close-ups as well as beautiful displays of light like the photo below.

 Check out Sandra's snapwire profile  here

Check out Sandra's snapwire profile here

3) Sam Ciurdar @samciurdar: Authentic, adventure-themed lifestyle shots. Sam's photos document his travels as a professional photographer and filmmaker. Check out his wife's feed (@amandaseeyoudarrr) as well!

 Check out Sam's snapwire profile  here

Check out Sam's snapwire profile here

4) Blake Bronstad @posesawkwardly: Santa Barbara based photographer and creative director whose serendipitous pastel images might make you consider moving to the West Coast.

 Check out Blake's snapwire profile  here

Check out Blake's snapwire profile here

5) Pasqual Amade @pasqualamade: Pasqual's photos are gritty and real, and depict the soul of urban youth culture. His style is unique and refreshing.

 Check out Pasqual's snapwire profile  here

Check out Pasqual's snapwire profile here

6) Julie Gebhardt @juliegeb: Julie is a contemporary photographer based in San Francisco, CA. Her focus is on taking photos of everyday life in the Bay city whose buildings show the history that are filled with so much color and life. 


 Check out Julie's snapwire profile  here

Check out Julie's snapwire profile here

7) @abrilliantdummy: A creative artist and urban photographer, abrilliantdummy describes his work to be just like him, very "minimal and simple." Through his use of color and subject matter he creates a depth in his photos that spark our imaginations.  

 Check out a Brilliant Dummy's snapwire profile  here

Check out a Brilliant Dummy's snapwire profile here

8) Connor Drummond @c.drum: Connor embraces his creative statement on Snapwire, "shoot daily." He is another adventure-themed lifestyle photographer that has is camera with him wherever he goes. His feed shows his mastery in choosing a creative angle depending on his subject. Just look at this awesome photo of this skyscraper below.   

 Check out Connor's snapwire profile  here

Check out Connor's snapwire profile here

9) Benjamin Lee @itchban: Benjamin is a content creator that specializes in digital production and social media. He has been able to combine his knowledge of technology with his newly found love for photography. His feed really encompasses his finesse with both.

 Check out Benjamin's snapwire profile  here

Check out Benjamin's snapwire profile here

10) Aundre Larrow @aundre: Aundre describes himself as a storyteller and portrait lover. He moved to New York to immerse himself in creativity. He believes that the "visual legacy we leave is becoming increasingly important in the visual age," and strives to make his mark with his photography. Aundre will also be taking over our Instagram soon so stay tuned for that.   

 Check out Aundre's snapwire profile  here

Check out Aundre's snapwire profile here

What's Selling- Insight On Getting Your Photos Sold

We often get asked: "What kind of photos are selling on Snapwire?" While we have various blog posts written on the subject, it is always helpful to take a look at specific photos to understand what buyers are choosing. To check out what has been recently purchased you can take a look at the recently purchased page to see what buyers are looking for and to get future inspiration! 

Congratulations to photographers:  Sebastian Luna B,  Shawn Dechant, and Hance Taplin for their recently purchased photos. Here are their captivating shots: 

Music Festivals


Sebastian's photo won the "Music Festival" challenge because of its dramatic composition and dreamy lighting. As the focal point of the picture, the young woman standing in front of the golden setting sun seems to radiate with energy.  The blurred crowds in the background serve as a stark contrast to the individuality of the woman.  The photo makes the viewer feel an emotional connection with the woman's music festival experience. 

St. Patrick's Day

The "St. Patrick's Day" challenge garnered a wide variety of photos of babies, adults, and pets celebrating Irish heritage.  From the submissions, Shawn's  photo was chosen for its timelessness, simple composition, and identifiable content. The precious boy in the photo exudes the holiday spirit without being over the top. 

Latte Art

The "Latte Art" challenge sought photos of inventive latte art designs including the barista, the foam, the details, and the ingredients. With authenticity in mind, Hance's winning photo is latte art portraying a basketball player making a slam dunk.  Against a white background with blurred sneakers, the composition is clean and crisp. 

A giant takeaway from this post, is that photo buyers are looking for authentic visuals with human elements. Each image has its own unique story to tell. Buyers are seeking out photos like these because they evoke feelings such as celebration, individuality, adventure, and success. 

Now let's get back to shooting! Submit your best shots of seniors enjoying life to our new challenge:  Senior/ Mature lifestyle !

Object Series: The Mason Jar

Created in 1858 by John Landis Mason, the Mason jar's initial purpose was to preserve foods for long periods of time. Mason's design swiftly beat out his competitors, with its revolutionary airtight seal and the transparency of the glass which made the contents look visually pleasing. With its mass production in the early 20th century, the jars became symbols of the agricultural world. Farmers who lived in areas with quick harvest seasons used Mason jars to keep their jams and pickles in ideal conditions, to showcase their recipes at county fairs, and to give as gifts during holidays. The heyday of the original use of Mason jar's ended with the widespread adoption of refrigerators, migration from the countryside to the city, and drastic improvement in transportation. As optimum food preservation moved from canning to freezing, the jars were no longer used as much. 

 Photo by: Clara Park

Photo by: Clara Park

Seventy years later, the Mason jar is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. With people becoming more and more aware of the economic and environmental costs of transporting food around the world, there is a return to farm-to-table ideals such as locally grown produce and canning procedures. Furthermore, the Mason jar has become the king of the DIY world, which has taken the web by storm. If you Google "ways to use mason jars," there is an overwhelming amount of information on all of the ways they can be repurposed into drinking glasses, candles, lamps, soap dispensers, terrariums, planters, and so much more. 

 Photo by: Sarah Gale

Photo by: Sarah Gale

Curiously enough, the Mason jar has become a symbol of gentrification. Many trendy bars and restaurants serve fancy cocktails in Mason jars and 7-11 recently launched a line of the Mason jars to hold slurpees. When Mason jars are used in such a way their original context diminishes, that of frugality and practicality, and transforms them into an ironic object, void of meaning. Many people do not know the real meaning of the jars but they feel a sense of shared nostalgia of simpler times that the jars evoke. Chew on that the next time you dish out $14 to drink a beer out of a Mason jar at your local craft brewery!

Whether you love or hate them they are here to stay. The jars have ultimately been able to stand the test of time by being reusable, visually pleasing, and durable. Even though it seems like the jars are being overly commodified, around 70% of sold jars are still being used for canning. Even if the jar eventually loses its "cool factor," it will make its reappearance soon enough- it always does. 

 Photo by: Kelly Hieronymus

Photo by: Kelly Hieronymus

 Photo by: Rebecca Hodges

Photo by: Rebecca Hodges

Including Mason jars in your photo composition makes for relevant and desirable imagery that are sought after by photo buyers. If you have any images of how you use Mason jars in your day to day life or images that evoke a rustic way of life, submit your photos to our new photo challenge Rustic Living


10 Breathtaking Animal Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

Here at Snapwire, we love bragging about our photographers. This week we have decided to showcase 10 stunning animal and wildlife photos that are captured so well you'll feel like you are experiencing them in person. 

1. Cheetah

2. Blue Toucan

 Photo by:  InstaStyleGirl

Photo by: InstaStyleGirl

3. Bumblebee

4. Black Scorpion

 Photo by:  Vicky Liantonio

Photo by: Vicky Liantonio

5. Alpaca

 Photo by:  Stephanie Trapp

Photo by: Stephanie Trapp

6. Guinea Pig

7. Gorilla

 Photo by:  Jason Hughes

Photo by: Jason Hughes

8. Squirrel

 Photo by:  Greg Blomberg

Photo by: Greg Blomberg

9. Camel

 Photo by:  Catherine Frost

Photo by: Catherine Frost

10. Stag Beetle

 Photo by:  Valeria Ivanova

Photo by: Valeria Ivanova

Festival Season is Upon Us!

With the turn of April comes the excitement of festival season! If you're a music lover you have to attend a music festival at least once in your life and it's our favorite way to get in the Spring spirit.  Here are a few of our favorites!


 Photo by: Berty Mandagie

Photo by: Berty Mandagie

When: Mid April

Where: Indio, CA

Type of music: rock, indie, hip hop, EDM

Price: $399

Coachella is an annual music and arts festival hosted in Indio, CA that takes place for two consecutive weekends in April. Coachella's lineup includes artists of many different genres and supports big names as well as emerging artists. This year's lineup includes Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead, The xx, Glass Animals, Phantogram, DJ Snake, and many more! If you're looking for the classic festival experience and want a wide variety of musical acts, then Coachella is for you. Make sure to go on a  ride in the ferris wheel - a quintessential Coachella experience. 


 Photo by: Eddie Rios

Photo by: Eddie Rios

When: June

Where: Manchester, TN

Type of music: rock, alternative, pop, indie

Price: $349.50

Bonaroo is a great festival to get more bang for your buck (this festival is 4 days long, not 3) and has its roots in rock n' roll. This festival has an old-timey feel and takes you back to the days of rock n' roll. Bonaroo pays tribute to its roots and has been known to include classic acts such as Phish, Paul McCartney, The Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder and more! This is a perfect festival for those with an eclectic music taste and those with a love for the oldies but goodies. 


 Photo by: Evy Optics

Photo by: Evy Optics

When: Late March

Where: Miami, FL

Type of music: EDM

Price: $399

This Miami based EDM festival has proven to be so popular that it has debuted worldwide festivals in locations such as Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Korea, Chile and more! This strictly EDM festival is for the die-hard fans who love the energy and the scene of EDM. 


 Photo by: Krys Henry

Photo by: Krys Henry

When: Late April

Where: Indio, CA

Type of music: country, folk, bluegrass

Price: $399

Stagecoach is Coachella's country cousin. Hosted on the same polo fields, Stagecoach takes place the weekend after Coachella's Weekend 2. This year's headliners  includes Shania Twain, Dierks Bentley, and Kenny Chesney. This is perfect for die-hard country fans that prefer cowboy boots and twangy tunes over glitter and EDM any day. 


 Photo by: Jeffrey Walter

Photo by: Jeffrey Walter

When: New Years Eve weekend

Where: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Type of music: rock, indie, hip hop, EDM

Price: $164

If the biggest downside of music festivals for you is the summer heat, then look no further. Snowglobe hosts big names in the EDM scene such as The Chainsmokers, Flume, Rüfüs Du Sol, RL Grime, Major Lazer, and many more. The festival takes place during New Years Eve weekend and is a great way to ring in the new year while escaping the desert heat. Remember to bundle up! Tahoe around this time of year is snowy and cold. Bring layers and waterproof clothing!

Are you going to any music festivals coming up? Don't forget to bring your camera and submit your photos on Snapwire! 

Happy Festival Season to all!

Spring into Creativity!

Spring is upon us and the sunshine and greenery has a way of inspiring. Here are some pictures from Snapwire's Arts & Crafts challenge that inspire us to create something new. Art is all about expressing your self by getting messy and trying new things. How do you express yourself?

Young Minds

 Photo by: Klodjana Dervishi

Photo by: Klodjana Dervishi

Your Body Is A Canvas

 Photo by: Lynne Bookey

Photo by: Lynne Bookey

Your Thoughts Shape Your Art

 Photo by: Elena Eye

Photo by: Elena Eye

Abstract Charcoal

 Photo by: Juan Jimenez

Photo by: Juan Jimenez

Messy Hands

 Photo by: Olivia Saienni

Photo by: Olivia Saienni

Don't forget to submit pictures of how you and others express creativity through art on our Arts & Crafts challenge!

10 Photos That Will Make you Want to Visit the American West

We don't mean to brag, but we couldn't be more proud of where we're from. We decided to showcase the outstanding American West by displaying highlights from our very own users. From the beaches of California, to the Maroon Bells in Colorado, these photos prove that the west coast is indeed the best coast.

Warning: Images may induce extreme wanderlust.

 Photo by:  Alex Zhu  Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

Photo by: Alex Zhu Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

 Photo by:  Jorge Bache , Big Sur, California

Photo by: Jorge Bache, Big Sur, California

 Photo by:  Quintin Bangert , Sparks Lake, Oregon

Photo by: Quintin Bangert, Sparks Lake, Oregon

 Photo by:  Mint Images  Maroon Bells in Colorado

Photo by: Mint Images Maroon Bells in Colorado

 Photo by:  Todd Thiesson  Shell Beach, California

Photo by: Todd Thiesson Shell Beach, California

 Photo by: Chris Powell, Big Four Ice Caves Granite Falls, Washington

Photo by: Chris Powell, Big Four Ice Caves Granite Falls, Washington

 Photo by:  Blake Bronstad  Grand Canyon, Arizona

Photo by: Blake Bronstad Grand Canyon, Arizona

 Photo by:  Jose Jarosz  Seattle, Washington (Mt. Rainier in the background)

Photo by: Jose Jarosz Seattle, Washington (Mt. Rainier in the background)

 Photo by:  Scott Gordon  Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California

Photo by: Scott Gordon Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California

 Photo by:  Chip Morton  Oneanta Falls, Oregon

Photo by: Chip Morton Oneanta Falls, Oregon