ON SET: Behind the Scenes with RBC & Bettina Bogar

The last weekend in chilly Toronto, Royal Bank of Canada and Snapwire teamed together to produce a custom shoot with Snapwire Creator Bettina Bogar. We didn’t want to keep all of the gorgeous natural light, confetti, and letter balloons to ourselves so here are a few behind the scenes photos.


Thank you RBC and Bettina! We love working with you!

Pick of the Litter: XI

If you would like help finding a specific image you have seen above do not hesitate to contact us or the photographer. 

Pick of the Litter: IX

We often get asked how to succeed on Snapwire and there is no simple answer. The best advice we can give is take great photos, but that is also subjective to the viewer/buyer. Pick of the Litter is a monthly feature of our community of photographers who are finding success on our platform. These are photographers who have been churning out great work that have been placed  in our featured marketplace. Take some inspiration from the work of these photographers if you find that your photos are lacking originality or creativity!


Evy Optics

Sho Niimura

Tracy Tassill

Randi Mooney


Ben Jespersen

If you would like help finding a specific image you have seen above do not hesitate to contact us or the photographer. 

What's Selling + Insight Into Getting Your Photos Purchased

We often get asked: "What kind of photos are selling on Snapwire?" While we have various blog posts written on the subject, it is always helpful to take a look at specific photos to understand what buyers are choosing. To check out what has been recently purchased you can check out the recently purchased page to see what buyers are looking for and to get future inspiration. 

Congratulations to our request winners: Jordan Rodriguez, Bryana Likes, and Vera Cepic for their recently purchased photos! Here are the photos: 

Halloween 2016


Photo by: Bryana Likes

Photo by: Bryana Likes

Outdoor Lifestyle

Photo by: Jordan Rodriguez

Photo by: Jordan Rodriguez

Ready, Set, Jump!

Photo by: NewNow Photography by Vera Cepic

Photo by: NewNow Photography by Vera Cepic

All of these photos are clean and simple, with ideal lighting for their respective setting, and a limited use of filters. The jumping picture is an exception as there is an obvious filter at play, but it works because it is not too heavy and actually gives a smoother look to the sky, making the subjects stand out more. Also, the photos appear to be authentic, with relaxed smiles and natural facial expressions. Buyers are looking for distinctive captures of delightful moments with real people. 

Most importantly, what made these photos favorites for buyers is that they are great examples of visual storytelling! Each image has its own unique story to tell. Buyers are seeking out photos like these because they evoke certain feelings such as family ties, wanderlust, and celebration in viewers. 

Again, congratulations to the recent request winners. Let's get back to shooting!


Crash Course on Effective Keywording

Uploading your photos on to Snapwire is ridiculously easy! With a quick upload your photos are instantly available to be bought through your portfolio and eventually the marketplace by brands and creatives. However you have to ensure that your photos don't get lost in the sea of uploaded photos by adding relevant keywords. Intentional visibility will help your photos get the attention that they deserve. 

The biggest misconception about keywording is that the quantity will drive traffic to your images. However, the reality is that less is more when it comes to keywording. Make sure that every keyword you use is relevant to what your image portrays. It is helpful to ask yourself throughout the process: "If I were searching for this exact photo, what keywords would I choose to find it?"

Here is Snapwire's guide to effectively picking quality keywords for your images:

Focus on Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs

What are the objects or subjects at play in your photo? What do they look like on a physical level? What are they doing in the photo? The keywords generated in this step will help identify what is outwardly present in the photo. 

Larger Concepts At Play

This is what your photo represents beyond just the surface level. Image buyers purchase images in order to portray an idea, a feeling, and a way of life to their consumers. If you include keywords that tell an overarching story, your photos will offer more meaning for buyers. 

Location Is Key

Buyers often search for specific locations (countries, cities, or specific sites). Including the various locations of your photo will increase the chances that your photo will be found and sold. For example if you use the keyword "China" your photo will have to be sifted through 388 images versus if you also include "Beijing" which only includes 23 images. By getting location specific you narrow down the pool of photos that your photo will reside in, 

For a bigger picture let's take this photo as an example:

Nouns: traveler, nomad, woman, person, rocks, desert, road, route, hat

Adjective: barefoot, green, purple, red, dry

Verbs: wandering, exploring, walking

Concepts: journey, freedom, time off, wanderlust, leisure, landscape, scenery, travel, solo

Location: United States, America, American state, United States of America, Death Valley, Utah

As a rockstar photographer you must understand and get into the mind of a buyer during the processing stage. Taking great photos is only part of the equation. By using precise words to maximize the impact of your photos you can singlehandedly increase visibility and sales.