I am thankful for...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful to have you as a part of community. Snapwire wouldn’t be anything without our amazingly talented creators and innovative buyers. Thank you choosing us share and create your stories.

Photo by: MASTER |  Lelia Milaya

Photo by: MASTER | Lelia Milaya

Although most of our team is not American, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, The Snapwire Team all sat down and talked about what we were thankful for. Here are our answers:

“I'm thankful for my dedicated team who works tirelessly on executing the vision I've laid down for our amazing company.” - Chad

“My cats Wallace and Wasabi!” - Ryan

“i'd say i'm thankful the most for my incredible friends and family. having a constant supply of love and support means the most to me. i'm also insanely thankful to be working in a field i absolutely love and am so proud to be a part of.” - Brian

“My health!” - Sean

“Family! A very supportive husband and a great father to our children and of course my smart and well-disciplined kids. Plus working with a great team - never had issues nor misunderstanding, so it's stress-free!” - Ervinna

“I am thankful for learning from my mistakes. And the 1999 hit "Smooth" by Santana” - Justin

“I am thankful for friends, family, and the beautiful city that I live in.” - Alexis

“I'm thankful that not everything is under my control, but the vast majority of the time everything works out.” - Riley

“Sunsets and doggos” - Ricky

“I would not be anything without my family (born into & chosen) & am ever so thankful for their continuous support & our shared love of prosecco, good tunes, and tacos.” - Audrey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leveling Up on the Platform

Whether you have been on the platform for years or simply signed up an hour ago, I am sure you have noticed the different levels labeled on your profile. Level’s are our way of keeping the quality of imagery on Snapwire at it’s best. New levels unlock perks that give more exposure and the ability to work directly with buyers.

How leveling works:

Buyers nominate photos on Snapwire submitted to requests or challenges. Once you are marked as a Shooter or above, you'll earn points when your shots are nominated by buyers, licensed by buyers, or marked as Premium by the Snapwire team. Points unlock levels and the higher your level, the more you can submit.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 10.29.50 AM.png

Let’s dive into what each level means and what you need to do as a creator to move up!

Maile Marie Photography_PRO_maile_marie_photos.jpg

Get to Know the Levels

Photo by: PRO | Maile Marie Photography


This is the first level where all creators start! Submit your best shots to Challenges for a chance to get nominated. If your shot is nominated, you'll level up to Shooter and can submit to higher paying buyer Requests.


You're in the game and can now submit shots to higher paid buyer Requests. Get a shot nominated to level up. From here on out, you'll earn points for every nomination or purchase!


Once you have earned 1,000 points, you can now get invited by buyers to shoot their Requests and gain access to selected requests created by the Snapwire team.


You've now had a few shots nominated or sold earning you 5,000 points! It is clear that buyer’s are loving your work. Once you have hit this level, you are featured on our platform as a top creator!


15,000 points! Woohoo! Your work is exceptional, and your shots are nominated and purchased regularly. You can also be invited to Direct Requests from our high paying clients!


After earning 50,000 points it is clear you know what you are doing. Buyers can commission you directly to shoot their projects!


Specially invited, this level is the best of the best of our creators. We have created a master list of our top photographers that have priority access to Buyer’s incoming projects.

Learn more about each individual level

Photo by: Shooter | Mike Yorke

A Little Slice of Pumpkin Pie

Is it really Thanksgiving without a little turkey and pumpkin pie?

PRO | Lelia Milaya EXPERT | Maryna Voronova ELITE | Steve Cukrov

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Photo by: EXPERT | Leslie Rodriguez

Snapwire's Basic Guide to Image Licensing

Snapwire makes it easy for you to sell your photos, but through industry jargon and special clauses it can be hard to tell exactly what happens when someone purchases your image. Don’t stress, we are here to sort all that out so you can feel confident about where your work is going and how you are compensated for your talents.

On Snapwire’s site, this is all listed out in detail and fancy lawyer language through our copyright and licensing tabs. For those of us who don’t understand legal talk, here are:

Eddie Rios_PRO_eddierios.jpg

8 Licensing Topics You Should Know

Photo by: PRO | Eddie Rios

Copyright & Copyright Buyout

The basic definition of copyright is: a form of protection given to the authors or creators of original works of authorship. What you create is yours! You own your work and what happens to it. Yay! We won’t sell your work unless you give us permission! (So make sure your settings in your content manager on your profile are up to date on all your uploaded images!)

I hate that I even have to say this, but as Snapwire respects the intellectual property of others, we ask our users to do the same. Do not upload photos that aren't yours. That is stealing.

So what does it mean for you when a buyer seeks copyright buyout? It seems threatening and a lot of photographers steer away from it purely cause it sounds like you are selling your soul and giving up your creative rights. This is not the case. When a client asks for a copyright buyout it means you no longer own that photo and can no longer sell it or make money from it.

To sum it up, you take a photo for a client and no one else can use it. Imagine you take a photo of your fluffy pup Snowflake for a company. If they buyout your copyright, only that company can use the photo for promotion. This means you cannot post it on multiple stock photo sites, let the random pet food instagram repost it, or even print it as a gift for your sister in law who owns a “wigs for pets” salon.

No one can buy your copyright without your permission and you should be compensated higher for full buyouts.

Marketplace vs. Challenge/Requests vs. Profile

Snapwire is multi-dimensional. This makes it fun and creates a variety of places to earn, but it can also get a little confusing about what it means when your photos are uploaded or selected for different areas.


The Snapwire Marketplace is a selection of the best shots submitted to Snapwire offered to buyers through a subscription. Shots chosen for the Marketplace are flagged as Select or Premium and are only made available for download for buyers who subscribe. It is an easy way to not only sell your photos (Creators earn 50% when shots are downloaded from buyers in the Marketplace,) but for buyers to accumulate specific unique shots within their subscription period.

If you would like to remove any shots from the Marketplace Subscription, you can simply change the licensing status on your file or delete them from the Content Manager section of your account.

Challenges & Requests

You are all signed up on the platform! Now what… Challenges and Requests are ways to work directly with brands and push your creativity to produce work through specific concepts.

Challenges are hosted “competitions” that focus on a specific theme with one winning photo selected at the end of the allotted time. Challenges are open to any level and a great way to earn points through nominations and submissions.

Once you've reached the Advanced level, you'll be eligible to be invited to Requests by buyers. These are higher paying and give you the access to work with some of our top clients. They are handled the same way through nominations and final selections.


You can submit shots to your profile and build a great portfolio at anytime. All shots uploaded directly to your Portfolio are available for buyers to purchase a license. Remember, you can control whether or not your images can be purchased or selected to the marketplace through your content manager on your profile.

Upload your best shots to your profile to give Snapwire Creative Recruiters and Buyers a chance to see what you can do. Think clean, commercial, bright, and diverse.

Premium Content

Premium shots are curated to the top of search results due to their commercial potential. This provides more opportunities for your shots to be sold. AKA you shot a rad image and we want to promote to our buyers!


Exclusivity guarantees the buyer that no one else can purchase the image during a pre agreed period of time. On average, our buyers ask for a two year exclusivity. You will be compensated extra for any exclusivity purchase.

Photo by: MASTER |  Israel González

Photo by: MASTER | Israel González

Royalty Free

On Snapwire, you will only find royalty free imagery purchases through our Marketplace. But what does that mean exactly? A buyer will pay a one-time fee for a royalty-free image license and can then use the image as many times and in as many places as he chooses. The "free" in royalty-free does not mean there is no cost for the license, but instead refers to being able to freely use the image without paying additional royalties. A small-business owner, for example, may opt to pay a one-time fee for RF images for his website, but can also use it for social and promotional value. Being royalty free does not mean you cannot sell your photo to another buyer - there needs to be exclusivity contract involve to pull it completely off the market.

Permission Releases

Releases are important because they protect you from potential lawsuits where people claim invasion of privacy or defamation after you’ve photographed them.

Model Releases:

In order to submit a shot to Snapwire, you agree you have the permission from any identifiable people in the submitted shot in order to sell it. Imagine you sell a photo to a major brand featuring a recognizable person, but the model didn’t sign a release. If that person sees their face on a huge billboard and becomes upset, they can sue because you never got written permission to use or sell the photo. There have been a number of high profile cases like this, and they can get messy and expensive. You can use our model release app; Releases.

Public spaces

Do you need a property release? If your shots contain recognizable trademarks or personally owned property (like a identifiable store sign, branded product, logo, or other identifiable private property) it is best to have a property release as most buyers look to license shots for commercial use. As this is not always possible, be sure to capture shots that mitigate this issue.

Photo by: ELITE |  Andrii Sarymsakov

Photo by: ELITE | Andrii Sarymsakov

Have some questions that you didn’t find the answers to?

Read more on our FAQ page and always feel free to reach out to the Snapwire Team.

As always, Happy Shooting!

At the Cafe

At the Cafe, a recently closed request, brought to life the aroma and cozy atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop and cafe. Here are a few of our favorite submissions:

MASTER |  Lou Baker Smith
ELITE |  Froi Rivera

ELITE | Froi Rivera



ELITE |  Diane Modafferi
EXPERT |  Maile Pollock

EXPERT | Maile Pollock

Creator Spotlight: November

Thankful for creativity and comfort food - here are three photographers to inspire you this month!

ADVANCED | Ze Caetano

Zé Caetano's minimal portraiture plays with light and perspective to create a narrative about dreaming.

MASTER | Cassandra Jackson Baker

Warming the soul with the colorful ingredients for Cassandra Jackson Baker's mixed mushroom ramen noodle soup.

EXPERT | Iryna Liveoak

A glimpse into the abstract shapes and patterns of architecture with Iryna Liveoak.

Follow Ze, Cassandra, and Iryna on Snapwire for more inspiring shots!

Marjan Apostolovic's Haunting Portraiture

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Ghouls Festival - whatever you call it, October 31st is filled with spooky, dark, ghostly stories and events. While trying to “articulate artistic desire to express emotions that are deep within,” Snapwire creator PRO | Marjan Apostolovic created a series of portraiture that encompasses a haunting feeling of being repressed and held back.

So while you are binge eating candy corn and having a horror film marathon, utilize those frights into something creative. Who knows - you might create something spook-tac-ular!

Creator Spotlight: October

As our days get shorter and our need for candy corn gets higher, our need for inspiration may dwindle. Look no further, here are three photographers to inspire you this month.

PRO | Tatiana Shumbasova

Tatiana Shumbasova's food photographs take on a personality of their own through playful narratives and strong focus on color.

SHOOTER | Leo Majarrez

Leo Manjarrez documents his everyday life in Mexico, capturing the personalities and natural textures of his city. His images are both inviting and enlightening. See more of Leo's work in the story!

ELITE | Rainbow Sprinkles

Whether it is trick or treating, a day at the beach, or bubbles in the backyard ELITE | Rainbow Sprinkles captures her children's everyday life in a playful and nostalgic inducing manner.

Follow Leo, Tatiana, and Rainbow Sprinkle's work on Snapwire for more inspiring shots! 

Snapwire Playlists

Snapwire tip to successful content creation and sourcing: a good playlist! Lucky for you we have put together five playlists on Spotify to get you focused and motivated.

Lucia Valverde_EXPERT_luzvalverde.jpg

Snapwire Team Favorites

Snapwire is built from a diverse team with different styles, ideas, and backgrounds, but we are stronger together. Our music preferences are just as diverse, but damn we make a great playlist all together.

99 Problems, but Photos Ain’t One of Them

For our Snapwire Buyers when you have an inbox of emails, a large list of projects, but it's all going to be okay because you are browsing through Snapwire Creators and Marketplace and we are going to take care of you.

On Set Vibes

Set the lights, pull down the seamless, and create some magic in the studio.

Photoshop Focus

Snapwire's perfect playlist for getting into that editing groove.

Camera Adventures

Whether you are traveling across the country or grabbing a few friends to head to the forest, you need a soundtrack to set those adventure moods.