Congratulations to our March Challenge Winners!!

Enviormental Potrait  - ADVANCED |  Radu Dumitrescu

Enviormental Potrait - ADVANCED | Radu Dumitrescu

United States Postal Service  - ADVANCED |  Jillian Lynch

United States Postal Service - ADVANCED | Jillian Lynch

Five Senses  - ADVANCED |  SA Oliver

Five Senses - ADVANCED | SA Oliver

Vaping Tricks & E Cigarettes  - EXPERT |  Anastasiia Ostapovych

Vaping Tricks & E Cigarettes - EXPERT | Anastasiia Ostapovych

Boating Lifestyle  - ADVANCED |  Linnette Simões

Boating Lifestyle - ADVANCED | Linnette Simões

Portrait Without A Face  - SHOOTER |  Lia Wu

Portrait Without A Face - SHOOTER | Lia Wu

Banking & Finance  - ADVANCED |  Natalie Maro

Banking & Finance - ADVANCED | Natalie Maro

Green With Envy - MASTER |  Madeline Dignadice

Green With Envy - MASTER | Madeline Dignadice

Minimalist March - SHOOTER |  Olya Ruf

Minimalist March - SHOOTER | Olya Ruf

Architexture - ELITE |  Vedad Ceric

Architexture - ELITE | Vedad Ceric

Your photo could be on next month’s list of winners! Check out what challenges and requests are open now! Happy Shooting!

Challenge: Modern Romance

In February, we launched the challenge “Modern Romance” to encapsulate what love means to you. We asked you to define romance by photographing true love in all shapes, forms, sizes, locations, genders, sexual identities and orientations. Here are a few of our favorites:

SHOOTER |  Jade Abdul-Latif


ADVANCED |  Carla Cespedes

ADVANCED | Carla Cespedes

ADVANCED |  Robyn Davie

ADVANCED | Robyn Davie

SHOOTER |  Elsayed Mashaal

SHOOTER | Elsayed Mashaal

ADVANCED |  Kelly Sparks

ADVANCED | Kelly Sparks

ADVANCED |  Hannah Cowart

ADVANCED | Hannah Cowart

EXPERT |  Jason Wash

EXPERT | Jason Wash

ADVANCED |  Anoj Khadgi

ADVANCED | Anoj Khadgi

SHOOTER |  Gaston Boireau

SHOOTER | Gaston Boireau

EXPERT |  Pablo Garcia

EXPERT | Pablo Garcia

ADVANCED |  Hector Mireles

ADVANCED | Hector Mireles

SHOOTER |  Luca Germano Magro

Where are you from?

We are all about community here at Snapwire (WE LOVE YOU GUYS) and are constantly trying to find ways to get to know you better.

When our community support boss babe Ervinna came up with the challenge Where are you from? we had no idea that you would submit such a vast and beautiful amount of imagery. What an amazing world we live in! Cheesy as it sounds, how cool is it that we all share a love for photography even though we are all from very different places?

It was absolutely inspiring to scroll through the landscapes, portraits, and food shots, that I thought I should share a few:

ADVANCED |  Bora Bakan

ADVANCED | Bora Bakan

EXPERT |  Cathleen Warren
EXPERT |  Tiffany Lee

EXPERT | Tiffany Lee

ADVANCED |  Viorelia Tarta

ADVANCED | Viorelia Tarta

MASTER |  Samantha Snitzer
ADVANCED |  Suloara Allokendek
ADVANCED |  Robby Woo

ADVANCED | Robby Woo

SHOOTER | Nikita Myagkov

SHOOTER | Nikita Myagkov

ELITE |  Elsa Blake

ELITE | Elsa Blake

ELITE |  Ezairi Mohd

ELITE | Ezairi Mohd

PRO |  Ihor Rapita
SHOOTER |  Patricia Palacin
SHOOTER |  Julliet Serov

SHOOTER | Julliet Serov

MASTER |  Robert Robertson
ELITE |  Sasha Alperin

Travel the world further and take a look at the rest of the submissions!

ON SET: Behind the Scenes with RBC & Bettina Bogar

The last weekend in chilly Toronto, Royal Bank of Canada and Snapwire teamed together to produce a custom shoot with Snapwire Creator Bettina Bogar. We didn’t want to keep all of the gorgeous natural light, confetti, and letter balloons to ourselves so here are a few behind the scenes photos.


Thank you RBC and Bettina! We love working with you!

Interview: Nailya Bikmurzina

Snapwire Creator MASTER | Nailya Bikmurzina’s lifestyle work is warm and inviting while her personal work has colder tones and focuses on isolation and graphic lines. After working with her on multiple projects, we sat down with the Berlin based creator to get to know a little bit more about her and her photography.


Tell us a little about you. What are you passionate about? What do you do when you are not photographing?  What is your favorite color? You know, the important things. 

I have been fascinated with the photography world since childhood, as my first memories are playing with my dad's mechanic film photo camera, just making snaps with different shutter speeds and opening the back of the camera. I came in to being a full time photographer unexpectedly from science after deciding that I don't want to do a PhD after completing a master program. It was a frightening decision, especially when people around you don't understand. However I've made a right choice. Now I'm in the photo and video making world, developing a personal project connecting art and science. 

My favourite color: All shades of blue, or better the color palette of the ocean and the color palette of the sky. They are always making me feel like magic.

Another passion of mine is movement in any forms, connection between mind and body and visual beauty of it. You can call it a lifestyle, but I'm sure it's much deeper than that. 


How did you get started in photography? 

When I was 17, I took my first analog photos just was because I was curious about it. Then I've got a digital compact camera. It before social media, so I shared the photos only with my friends and in my live journal blog. At some point people start to reach me out to take photos for them and for different events. This is how it all started.


Your work has is bright and inviting, while still hanging out to the beauty of shadows. How did you develop your style? What inspires you? 

I'm a visual person and hungry for movies and visual art. Color wise, of course, nature inspires me the most. Nothing could be more beautiful. I think I'm still in the process of developing my style and I would love to keep it as an ongoing process. 


You have worked with us for a variety of buyers, such as Google, Canva, and Ubrands. Tell us about a  project (or two!) you enjoyed working on. Were there any surprises, successes, or struggles? 

I liked the projects with Google Maps because I love to explore new places, locations, perspectives and the way to see new things within familiar streets. I love to be lost in some sense in the places, because then I can see a lot from different angles. 

Do you have any advice or tips for fellow photographers? 

Heh I need a lot of advice for myself. The only suggestion which I surely can share is: no matter what, keep on working.


Complete Guide to Environmental Portraiture

With a recently launched Challenge, I decided you might need a little background help to make sure your submissions are strong visually and will dynamically tell a story.

So what is environmental portraiture? Extremely popular in editorial and documentary photography, environmental portraiture is the art of capturing someone in a location where the setting plays an important part of expressing the narrative of the subject - maybe more than the subject themselves. Utilizing props and composition, you can intricately illustrate details that a simple headshot could not capture.

Although most environmental portraits look effortless and natural, there is a lot of thought and studying that goes behind capturing the entire essence of your subject. Here are some tips & tricks to get you started.

Peter Holliday.png

Who is your subject?

Photo by: Peter Holliday

Headshots, you do not really need to know much about your subject. They are clean cut simple portraits that are used purely to illustrate base level personality. With an environmental portrait you want to study your subject. Why are you photographing them? What are you trying to say about them? What is their story? Dig deep and really hone in on the purpose of this photograph. You have a chance to share a story of someone, do it justice.

Héctor Mireles.jpg

Choosing a location

Photo by: ADVANCED | Héctor Mireles

Make your sure your location choice fits your subject and the narrative you want to share. Think of your location as your main subject. What is in the background? Where is the light coming from? How does it relate to your subject?  

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 12.33.47 PM.png



Photo by: Xavier Goins

Clean it up or make it dirty. Props can be incredibly helpful for story telling, but can also easily distract or clutter your photograph diluting the narrative. Go through everything in the background before taking your shot. If it doesn’t add to the story, take it out. Everything in your composition needs a purpose.

This is Troy, a car breaker in South Wales..jpg

Posing your subject

Photo by: Colin Dutton

Again, what are you trying to say about your subject? Camera angle and position of subject can change the perspective of who your subject is. Shooting from a lower angle can give your subject power and strength by making them look larger than life. The opposite happens when shooting down at them, humbling them or making your subject seem meek. Shooting at eye resonates humanity because it is a perspective we would normally see.

In environmental portraits, posing is usually pretty simple because the environment is expressing more of the story than the subject. With that said, place your subject intentionally. Where are they in the frame? Are they facing camera or looking away? How are they framed within the background composition? Pay attention to body language and cropping. How much of your subject do you need to show?


Lens choice

There is no rule to what lens you should use, but give your photograph room to breathe. Since you are utilizing a location as a main subject, you want to show it off. Consider using a wider lens, such as a 35mm. This will give you the space to express the environment and the clean depth of field to really showcase your subject’s narrative.


Inspiration: Gregory Crewdson

Known for his cinematic captures, Gregory Crewdson creates gorgeous narrative through single scenes. Obviously, I do not expect you to whip out a Crewdson level photoshoot, but what I want you to pay attention to is his intentional location, props, and composition. There is nothing in the imagery that does not have a reason to be there.


Now go create. Pick and choose what resonates with you from above and photograph an environmental portrait that tells a story stronger than any words. Always remember, what are you trying to say about this person? Be intentional and do not forget to submit your images to the new challenge.

Creator Spotlight: February

We think you are sweeter than a conversation heart, so here are three photographers to inspire you this month!

MASTER | Serhiy Hipskyy

Hipskyy takes amazing stock photo portraiture that is visually clean and thoughtful, offering a variety of poses and lifestyle moments.

ELITE | Jason Bodak

Experience the art of center composition through Bodak's imagery.

ADVANCED | Hector Mireles

Whether it is a portrait or landcape, Mireles has a way of capturing light and narrative.

Follow Sehiy, Jason, and Hector on Snapwire for more inspiring shots!