At the Cafe

At the Cafe, a recently closed request, brought to life the aroma and cozy atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop and cafe. Here are a few of our favorite submissions:

 MASTER |  Lou Baker Smith
 ELITE |  Froi Rivera

ELITE | Froi Rivera



 ELITE |  Diane Modafferi
 EXPERT |  Maile Pollock

EXPERT | Maile Pollock

Creator Spotlight: November

Thankful for creativity and comfort food - here are three photographers to inspire you this month!

ADVANCED | Ze Caetano

Zé Caetano's minimal portraiture plays with light and perspective to create a narrative about dreaming.

MASTER | Cassandra Jackson Baker

Warming the soul with the colorful ingredients for Cassandra Jackson Baker's mixed mushroom ramen noodle soup.

EXPERT | Iryna Liveoak

A glimpse into the abstract shapes and patterns of architecture with Iryna Liveoak.

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Marjan Apostolovic's Haunting Portraiture

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Ghouls Festival - whatever you call it, October 31st is filled with spooky, dark, ghostly stories and events. While trying to “articulate artistic desire to express emotions that are deep within,” Snapwire creator PRO | Marjan Apostolovic created a series of portraiture that encompasses a haunting feeling of being repressed and held back.

So while you are binge eating candy corn and having a horror film marathon, utilize those frights into something creative. Who knows - you might create something spook-tac-ular!

Creator Spotlight: October

As our days get shorter and our need for candy corn gets higher, our need for inspiration may dwindle. Look no further, here are three photographers to inspire you this month.

PRO | Tatiana Shumbasova

Tatiana Shumbasova's food photographs take on a personality of their own through playful narratives and strong focus on color.

SHOOTER | Leo Majarrez

Leo Manjarrez documents his everyday life in Mexico, capturing the personalities and natural textures of his city. His images are both inviting and enlightening. See more of Leo's work in the story!

ELITE | Rainbow Sprinkles

Whether it is trick or treating, a day at the beach, or bubbles in the backyard ELITE | Rainbow Sprinkles captures her children's everyday life in a playful and nostalgic inducing manner.

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Creator Spotlight: September

As the leaves turn red and the days darker, Autumn has always held a symbolism for change. Here are four photographers to help boost your creativity and inspire your September projects.

PRO | Diego Cervo

Diego Cervo's portraiture is elevated by his use of natural framing and background elements. His subjects remain in clear focus, while surrounding elements strengthen their narratives.

MASTER | Rachel Bingham

Rachel Bingham's naturally thoughtful way of shooting is apparent in her plant portraits. Her inspiration is is driven by "watching how light falls on everyday life, highlighting its beauty, calling [her] to document it."

PRO | Alexandra Semyonova

Alexandra Semyonova's portraiture is simplistic, elegant, and emotional. While breaking the classic “rule of thirds,” her center framing pulls you straight into the subjects.

PRO | Cristian Bortes

Cristian Bortes's travel photography transports you across the world through his eye for unique color and shapes. What's the secret to capturing travel shots? "Shooting in "travel mode" means to open yourself and constantly wonder. There is no such thing as ordinary people or ordinary places."

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