Creator Spotlight: November

Thankful for creativity and comfort food - here are three photographers to inspire you this month!

ADVANCED | Ze Caetano

Zé Caetano's minimal portraiture plays with light and perspective to create a narrative about dreaming.

MASTER | Cassandra Jackson Baker

Warming the soul with the colorful ingredients for Cassandra Jackson Baker's mixed mushroom ramen noodle soup.

EXPERT | Iryna Liveoak

A glimpse into the abstract shapes and patterns of architecture with Iryna Liveoak.

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Marjan Apostolovic's Haunting Portraiture

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Ghouls Festival - whatever you call it, October 31st is filled with spooky, dark, ghostly stories and events. While trying to “articulate artistic desire to express emotions that are deep within,” Snapwire creator PRO | Marjan Apostolovic created a series of portraiture that encompasses a haunting feeling of being repressed and held back.

So while you are binge eating candy corn and having a horror film marathon, utilize those frights into something creative. Who knows - you might create something spook-tac-ular!

Creator Spotlight: October

As our days get shorter and our need for candy corn gets higher, our need for inspiration may dwindle. Look no further, here are three photographers to inspire you this month.

PRO | Tatiana Shumbasova

Tatiana Shumbasova's food photographs take on a personality of their own through playful narratives and strong focus on color.

SHOOTER | Leo Majarrez

Leo Manjarrez documents his everyday life in Mexico, capturing the personalities and natural textures of his city. His images are both inviting and enlightening. See more of Leo's work in the story!

ELITE | Rainbow Sprinkles

Whether it is trick or treating, a day at the beach, or bubbles in the backyard ELITE | Rainbow Sprinkles captures her children's everyday life in a playful and nostalgic inducing manner.

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Creator Spotlight: September

As the leaves turn red and the days darker, Autumn has always held a symbolism for change. Here are four photographers to help boost your creativity and inspire your September projects.

PRO | Diego Cervo

Diego Cervo's portraiture is elevated by his use of natural framing and background elements. His subjects remain in clear focus, while surrounding elements strengthen their narratives.

MASTER | Rachel Bingham

Rachel Bingham's naturally thoughtful way of shooting is apparent in her plant portraits. Her inspiration is is driven by "watching how light falls on everyday life, highlighting its beauty, calling [her] to document it."

PRO | Alexandra Semyonova

Alexandra Semyonova's portraiture is simplistic, elegant, and emotional. While breaking the classic “rule of thirds,” her center framing pulls you straight into the subjects.

PRO | Cristian Bortes

Cristian Bortes's travel photography transports you across the world through his eye for unique color and shapes. What's the secret to capturing travel shots? "Shooting in "travel mode" means to open yourself and constantly wonder. There is no such thing as ordinary people or ordinary places."

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Spring into Creativity!

Spring is upon us and the sunshine and greenery has a way of inspiring. Here are some pictures from Snapwire's Arts & Crafts challenge that inspire us to create something new. Art is all about expressing your self by getting messy and trying new things. How do you express yourself?

Young Minds

 Photo by: Klodjana Dervishi

Photo by: Klodjana Dervishi

Your Body Is A Canvas

 Photo by: Lynne Bookey

Photo by: Lynne Bookey

Your Thoughts Shape Your Art

 Photo by: Elena Eye

Photo by: Elena Eye

Abstract Charcoal

 Photo by: Juan Jimenez

Photo by: Juan Jimenez

Messy Hands

 Photo by: Olivia Saienni

Photo by: Olivia Saienni

Don't forget to submit pictures of how you and others express creativity through art on our Arts & Crafts challenge!

Tips & Locations for Photographing Nightscapes

Photographing night skies captures some of the most stunning and otherworldly photos. 

Here are some of the most popular destinations in the world for night photography as well as some tips for capturing these amazing photos.


1. Minimize Light Pollution

When trying to take night scape photos, surrounding light in populated areas will minimize the visibility of stars in the sky. You can use Blue Marble Navigator to find where the darkest locations in your area are. 

2. Choose a Clear Night

Clouds in the sky can add some interesting depth to your photo, however if there is too much cloud cover you will not be able to see any stars. 


3. Star Trail or Milky Way?

Capturing a Star Trail involves capturing the movement of stars across the sky. Ideal conditions would be during or around a Full moon. The light from the moon will make the sky appear to have less stars and will create a less busy image. Use a constellation app such as Star Chart to find where the North Star is located in order to make it the central point of your photo. This creates an amazing effect that shows the rotation of the Earth, as seen below.


On the other hand, if you're interested in capturing a dramatic night sky go out on a  night with only a quarter moon. This will give off enough light to include some of the landscape but not wash out any of the stars. You can also use the Star Chart app to find where the Milky Way will be in the sky. 


4. Camera Settings

In order to capture these nightscapes you will need a camera that can handle an ISO of 3200 to 6400 as well as a lens that is fast and relatively wide (16mm is a great focal length, but a 24mm prime lens can work as well).

When it's time to shoot, make sure your tripod is solid and start at f/2.8, 25-30 seconds, and ISO 6400 to start. Use a timer to take the photo so as to not risk any movement of the camera.  


1. Death Valley National Park, California

Death Valley National Park is the largest Dark Sky designated area with a span of 13,700 square kilometers. 


2. Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

This national monument has zero light population and the dark canyon walls make a great contrast to the bright starry skies. The crest of Owachomo Bridge forms a window to more than 15,000 stars and the Milky Way. 

3. Iceland

The up-and-coming travel destination has become increasingly popular to tourists due to the allure of the Northern Lights.  

Capturing this amazing phenomena requires an ISO between 200 and 800, an aperture of 1.4-4.0, and a shutter speed of 25-30 seconds. 

Happy shooting! Don't forget to post your nightscape photographs to Snapwire. If you post them on Instagram tag us and use our hashtag #snapwire for a chance to be featured on our page! 

Introducing Snapwire Snaps


We’re excited to be starting Snapwire Snaps! Every week, we will be featuring 7 photos from extremely talented photographers who have offered these snaps to you for free. You can use these snaps however you choose and subscribe below for weekly updates. This is a good opportunity for the photographer to increase their exposure and for you to find fantastic photos - for free!

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Photo by Sonja Langford

Secrets to Leveling Up


Earning points on Snapwire  give you a chance to level up and gain more exposure to Buyers. You can learn how leveling up works



Follow Buyers

When you browse open and closed Requests, clicking on the Buyer’s avatar will launch their profile. Following Buyers sends them a message that you’ve got an interest in working with them. Buyers are likely to invite photographers who follow them when they create a Request and when you get invited to Request, you earn points!

Submit to Challenges

Snapwire Challenges are designed to inspire photographers to interpret rather open concepts. Your chances of getting nominated on a Snapwire Challenge are pretty high, and of course getting a nomination earns points.

Submit to your Profile.  

Submitting your best work to your Profile immediately positions your photos to Snapwire creative editors. Editors are constantly choosing photos for our growing Collection. When they choose a photo for our Premium Collection, you earn 100 points!

Shoot It!

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Photo Challenges For All
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Because authentic photos are hard to find for photo buyers, paid Requests are created by businesses and brands who are looking to fulfill a specific image need. Challenges are broad and completely open to your own creative interpretation. 

Challenges keep our community filled with inspiration - far and wide. Now that we have made Challenges available to everyone, getting closer to your photography dreams just got easier. 

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