Where are you from?

We are all about community here at Snapwire (WE LOVE YOU GUYS) and are constantly trying to find ways to get to know you better.

When our community support boss babe Ervinna came up with the challenge Where are you from? we had no idea that you would submit such a vast and beautiful amount of imagery. What an amazing world we live in! Cheesy as it sounds, how cool is it that we all share a love for photography even though we are all from very different places?

It was absolutely inspiring to scroll through the landscapes, portraits, and food shots, that I thought I should share a few:

ADVANCED |  Bora Bakan

ADVANCED | Bora Bakan

EXPERT |  Cathleen Warren
EXPERT |  Tiffany Lee

EXPERT | Tiffany Lee

ADVANCED |  Viorelia Tarta

ADVANCED | Viorelia Tarta

MASTER |  Samantha Snitzer
ADVANCED |  Suloara Allokendek
ADVANCED |  Robby Woo

ADVANCED | Robby Woo

SHOOTER | Nikita Myagkov

SHOOTER | Nikita Myagkov

ELITE |  Elsa Blake

ELITE | Elsa Blake

ELITE |  Ezairi Mohd

ELITE | Ezairi Mohd

PRO |  Ihor Rapita
SHOOTER |  Patricia Palacin
SHOOTER |  Julliet Serov

SHOOTER | Julliet Serov

MASTER |  Robert Robertson
ELITE |  Sasha Alperin

Travel the world further and take a look at the rest of the submissions!

Interview: Pat Ryder

Creator PRO | Pat Ryder’s Snapwire profile is filled with clean lifestyle stock photography and tasty food settings for Skip the Dishes, while Ryder’s personal work pulls tones of old film, plays with shadows, and has a hint of fashion forward grunge. Recently completing 100 shoots with us, we wanted to sit down and get to know one of our top contributors based out of Toronto, Canada.

Photo of Pat Ryder by: ADVANCED |  Sean Pollock

Photo of Pat Ryder by: ADVANCED | Sean Pollock

Tell us a little about you. What are you passionate about? What do you do?  What's your favorite food? You know, the important things.

Well my name is Pat Ryder and I’m a photographer and creative from Mississauga, Ontario and I’m passionate about a lot of things!  My day to day consists of anything from a couple photo shoots to watching a football match with friends, cooking with my mum, or getting together with other creatives to either make something cool or start brainstorming. I love working with people from across the creative spectrum, whether it’s food, music, fashion or cars, there is a creative element to the way all of them shape and define culture. I think that’s the best part about being a photographer, is the freedom to work within a wide range of subjects and still be able to express a certain level of storytelling. Speaking of food, I started working at a restaurant when I was 17 so food has played a big part of my life so far. It’s so important culturally and impactful on the world, so it’s easy to love and important to pay attention to. I feel like really good food is made with care and can take on its own means of expression. If I had to pick a favourite food I’d probably have to choose guacamole, I don’t have it very often but it’s a real treat I gotta say.


How did you get started in photography?

My interest in photography started back in university I think? I would always do the most for that perfect insta pic with my friends on our phones and I always enjoyed playing with the colours and editing after on vsco. I bought my first camera two years ago and I haven’t looked back since. With the help and guidance of some really amazing friends, I’ve started to develop my own style and begun to figure out what photography means to me. I’m really glad I tried something outside of my comfort zone and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Another thing that furthered my love for photography was going out and getting an old film cam. Film is one of the coolest things about photography because of the nostalgia factor you get after getting a roll developed, nothing can replace that feeling. Film taught me to be more in the moment, it humbled me and continues to teach me to trust myself behind the camera.  


You have a very distinct style in your personal work, playing a lot with shadows and color blocking. How did you develop your style? What inspires you?

First of all, thank you for saying that, I think it’s still a work in progress, but I feel like I’m slowly getting somewhere, so it means a lot.  As for how I developed it, I guess I’ve just been shooting as often as I can. The more you shoot the more you begin to pay attention to details that matter to you. Colours are a huge thing for me, I’ve always loved the way they complement one another and can create their own energy, especially when paired with some cool lighting. Shadows are another fun thing to pay attention to. I always tell myself to trust my shadows, but never too much. A lot like real life I suppose, it’s all about a finding that perfect balance. In terms of inspiration I think it happens when I’m actually shooting. It’s all about a moment or two and capturing them to tell a story. It can change from place to place and from person to person, it all depends on how it feels.


Congrats on recently completing 100 shoots for Snapwire! Tell us about a couple projects you enjoyed working on with us. Were there any surprises, successes, or struggles?

Honestly it’s been so much fun working with all the different types of food our amazing home has to offer. It’s really fun learning about and trying different dishes and getting to know a little bit more about the restaurant and the owners while I’m shooting. The commute can definitely be a killer but who’s isn't? Plus most places like to feed me pretty well so I really can’t complain. One of my favourite restaurants that I worked with was Butter Chicken Roti on Queen West in Toronto. The owner, Abhishek, was really passionate about his food and wanted to make sure his food was represented in the best way possible. The presentation suited his restaurant perfectly and was able to communicate with people on the app in a creative way. It’s been a really rewarding opportunity, where I’ve been able to meet some really fantastic people and try some equally as fantastic food.


Do you have any advice or tips for fellow photographers?

Most definitely. Photography is so amazing because you can make whatever you want of it, as long as you’re happy. I think the most important thing I’ve learned over the last two years is to trust that you’re doing your best, being true to yourself and don’t spend the energy worrying about someone else’s negativity, when you can spend it on yourself or on someone’s positivity. Once you start doing your thing and making sure you’re happy with what you’re shooting, just continue to practice and challenge yourself as often as you can. You’re only going to get better and more comfortable.

Photo of Pat Ryder by: ADVANCED |  Sean Pollock

Photo of Pat Ryder by: ADVANCED | Sean Pollock

At the Cafe

At the Cafe, a recently closed request, brought to life the aroma and cozy atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop and cafe. Here are a few of our favorite submissions:

MASTER |  Lou Baker Smith
ELITE |  Froi Rivera

ELITE | Froi Rivera



ELITE |  Diane Modafferi
EXPERT |  Maile Pollock

EXPERT | Maile Pollock

What's Selling - Insight On Getting Your Photos Purchased

We often get asked: "What kind of photos are selling on Snapwire?" While we have various blog posts written on the subject, it is always helpful to take a look at specific photos to understand what buyers are choosing. To check out what has been recently purchased you can take a look at the recently purchased page to see what buyers are looking for and to get future inspiration! 

Congratulations to photographers: Ksenya Lim, Randi Mooney, Eddie Rios, and Rolf Alafo for their recently purchased photos. Here are their captivating shots: 


Household Chores

Photo by: Ksenya Lim

Photo by: Ksenya Lim

Ksenya's photo won the "Household Chores" challenge because it wonderfully captures the struggles of a young boy in his attempt to help out with chores. The boy's small size is a stark contrast with the drying machine. Additionally, the photo is bright, crisp, and features a visually-pleasing composition of all of the elements. 

All About Love

Photo by: Randi Mooney

Photo by: Randi Mooney

The "All About Love" Request sought photos of anything related to love, whether it be family members, friends, partners, or even pets. With precious floral dresses and authentic emotion, Randi's photo perfectly fits the theme. The genuine love between the group of girl's, evokes a sense of nostalgia for simpler times and childhood friendships. 

Under the Sheets

Photo by: Eddie Rios

Photo by: Eddie Rios

Everyone loves lazy days and nights spent lounging in their beds. The "Under the Sheets" challenge garnered a wide variety of photos of babies, adults, and pets doing just that. From the submissions, Eddie's dreamy photo was chosen for its simple composition, perfect lighting, and identifiable content. Many people have memories of staying up past their bedtime to read the last few pages of their favorite book. 

 Romantic Couples

Photo by: Rolf Alafo

Photo by: Rolf Alafo

The "Romantic Couples" challenge had so many amazing submissions of couples that it was difficult to choose a winner. However, Rolf's photo stands out from the rest because for the us, the viewer, it seems like we are catching something we aren't supposed to see. With the man facing away from the camera there is a sense that we just happened to walk into their special moment. Furthermore, the natural emotion on the woman's face emphasizes the pure love she feels for him.  

A giant takeaway from this post, is that photo buyers are looking for visuals that tell stories. Each image has its own unique story to tell. Buyers are seeking out photos like these because they evoke certain relatable feelings such as love, companionship, childhood memories, and dreams for the future.

Now let's get back to shooting! Submit your best shots of Spring to our new challenge:  Spring Around the World