A Need for a Change in Language

Dear Snapwire Community, 

A flag has recently been raised on our use of particular language within our platform. As you know, we categorize photographers through levels (explorer, shooter, advanced, elite, pro, master) and you can move up by earning points through different outlets on the Snapwire platform. 

It is absolutely devastating that certain words are so prominent in our society right now and the word “shooter” sparks a particular image and controversy. This has been our terminology since the beginning, but as our society has evolved, we need to adjust our language as we do not want this label to misrepresent our Creators and their imagery. 

I want you to know that we hear you and actions are being set in place to change the dialogue around our platform. Please know that is does not happen overnight, but the entire Snapwire team is onboard and working toward a more welcoming and celebrated verbiage. 

We would not be anything without our Creators, so thank you for helping us grow and evolve. 


Audrey Rotermund

Community Manager

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