Snapwire vs Kodakit: What’s the difference?

Snapwire and Kodakit are among the top names in custom photography and content creation—the latter, primarily by its connection to Kodak, the once great but now ailing camera company. Kodak has struggled to find its place in the digital economy. It was goaded into launching a cryptocurrency at the height of the Bitcoin craze and it’s “become a bogeyman of MBA programs” for its failure to innovate.

While both Snapwire and Kodakit connect businesses to photographers and save location booking, travel, invoicing, and other expenses, they’re actually quite different and meet very different business needs.


What does each offer?

Snapwire vs Kodakit

Snapwire has creators in 180 countries and focuses on offering location-based photo shoots, product shoots, and library shoots. This last offering is unique to Snapwire: Photographers capture thousands of pictures for your company to create a deep pool of on-brand imagery marketers can choose from. Snapwire serves enterprises, agencies, and brands alike.

Kodakit, on the other hand, primarily deals in small-production, location-based photography. The options are more limited and service less flexible. While Kodakit has an offering where it reaches out to locations to convince them to host your shoot, Snapwire uses actual project managers to not only contact locations but select models, vet photographers, and manage the entire production.

Which industries do they cover?

Kodakit is mainly dedicated to shooting images for food, travel, and real estate. Snapwire works with these industries and many more, ranging from food and travel to SaaS companies like Canva, tech giants like Google, food and beverage brands like Carlsberg, and luxury brands like TAG Heuer.

Kodakit’s expertise is limited to travel and food whereas Snapwire’s project managers can arrange and oversee a photoshoot for any type of business.

What do users and creators say?

The two platforms have vastly different reputations among creators and photographers.

 With over 63,000 successful projects, Snapwire boasts a positive reputation both in the eyes of its clients and photographers who appreciate it for paying fair rates.

Kodakit’s reputation, on the other hand, has been under fire since its launch in 2017. Creators alleged high cancellation rates and occasionally take to social media to protest.

Despite having Eastman Kodak’s illustrious name attached, Kodakit is beset with negative reviews from both clients and photographers. Photographers in particular claim that Kodakit pays poorly. Some claim they haven’t been paid at all, and their inquiry emails remain unanswered.

How good is the image quality?

Although Kodakit is suitable for location-focused photo sessions, the quality of the visual content is often compromised.

A reviewer shared that Kodakit has “very little knowledge of the photographer they are sending out on a shoot beyond a couple of images that, though unlikely, could easily have been lifted from Unsplash.” Paired with its promise of uber budget-friendly and fast photo shoots, it’s workflow doesn’t seem geared for quality. 

Snapwire, on the other hand, doesn’t compromise on quality. It uses machine learning to filter images to meet the client’s requirements. Then, editors handpick the best ones and present them for review. 

The Bottom Line

Both Snapwire and Kodakit connect you with photographers, but for very different use cases. Kodakit can produce cheap location-based photo shoots with no guarantee of quality. Snapwire produces quality imagery and can do it at a managed scale that’s suitable to brands, enterprises, and agencies.

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