Snapwire vs Meero: What’s the difference?

Snapwire and Meero both generate photography and videos for brands, and use algorithms to do it quickly. So what differentiates them? A lot, it ends up.

Meero is a French startup whose key value proposition is that it promises to deliver photos fast. It has much less to say about curation, photographer professionalism, or process, which raises questions. Its website is also inconsistently translated, sometimes appearing in French and sometimes in English, betraying a move-fast-and-break-things mentality that may bleed into other areas of the business. 

U.S.-based Snapwire, on the other hand has two main value propositions: Quality and efficiency. Sometimes that means fast photos, sometimes slow, but always whatever the client needs. That’s because Snapwire relies on professional project managers used to helping international brands like Zagat and P.F. Chang’s generate creative. They manage the entire process, sometimes in as little as 11 days.

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What does

each offer?

Snapwire vs. Meero

Meero uses a team of 60,000 pre-screened photographers and 100 in-house producers to deliver photos within, it claims, 24 hours. Snapwire draws from a deeper pool of 800,000 visual creators including videographers, photographers, and location scouts, and isn’t limited to just shooting photos.  

Snapwire’s team reaches out to the right location for your photo shoot and can sometimes negotiate permits where shoots aren’t normally allowed. They also take care of logistics, lighting, and everything else needed. 

Meero offers a self-service model that places much of the burden on the user. If you run into trouble, there’s a support line. Snapwire walks you through the entire process, from helping to prepare the brief to delivering images that match your request. 

Meero and Snapwire also have different editing styles. Photographs taken by Meero’s photographers are edited by what it calls artificial intelligence. But it’s hard to trust AI. If it’s anything like the so-called AI powering all the chatbots that now dot the tech world’s websites, how much can it be relied upon? It may speed up editing, but it's unlikely to deliver quality without human guidance.

In stark contrast, Snapwire’s project managers build your requirements into a brief and then rely on a combination of machine learning and hand curation. Project managers use the algorithm to quickly sort photographers or identify exceptional photos, but they make the final call themselves.

Each Has a Strong Suit

Meero chiefly offers product and location-based photography with an add-on service of cold outreach to locations that don’t permit photo shoots. Snapwire offers a lot more. 

Snapwire not only facilitates product and location-based photo shoots but also library shoots that involve photographers capturing thousands of on-brand pictures for the entire company to draw from.

On top of that, Snapwire is experienced with high-end productions. Say you want to book a studio in L.A. for your photo shoot, with cameramen, models, stagehands, producers, and so on. Snapwire can do that for you. It doesn’t just connect you with a photographer but manages all the work that goes into a high-end production.

Meero isn’t experienced with high-end productions. It’s more focused on offering one-off photographer bookings. 

What Do Photographers Have to Say?

Meero’s site features excellent testimonials from photographers sharing their experience. But that’s only one side of the coin. On third-party review sites, photographers are a lot more candid and share concerns about low payments and communication struggles.

In fact, a photographer who quit working with Meero disclosed miscommunication as one of the leading issues photographers face. He claimed, “The communication between the Hosts and Meero seem to be very inadequate. On multiple occasions, I've received calls from clients wondering when/if they will ever see the images I took. This is well over a month later after the shoot, and it has not been an isolated incident.”

On the flip side, Snapwire’s reputation is unimpeachable. Its cancellation rates are low and photographers working with Snapwire appreciate the platform’s ease of use and the rates paid. One of the photographers even shared a review on Google Play saying, “I love this application as a photographer and video creator! It's very simple and easy to use and I have earned lots of money ... Highly recommended, great job to everyone on their team!”

How is Their Customer Service Different?

Meero outsources its customer service. As one might imagine, this creates communication gaps between client and photographer. Snapwire has onsite customer service in Santa Barbara. The customer service team is comprised of people who have prior experience with photography or who have worked on marketing teams at agencies or enterprises. 

Bottom line

Meero connects you to photographers but offers a DIY approach to organizing and managing your photo shoots. Snapwire simplifies things as its experts handle the A to Z of photo shoots to deliver quality custom visual content for your business.

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