Case Study: TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer is a high-quality watch company that produces reliable and robust products. They currently have a high volume of great product shots but were lacking authentic lifestyle product shots.


The digital marketing manager at TAG Heuer approached Snapwire to help produce lifestyle content for some of their products. Their product pages are full of high-quality product shots but were lacking in relatable lifestyle images. Their marketing manager wanted to get a series of images and short videos produced to be used for the product pages and social media to increase engagement. She was looking for a set of images to be produced of the products with a model, doing a set of activities as well as a short clip of the same model using the product in an everyday setting.


TAG Heuer identified 2 products that they wanted to get lifestyle shots for. From there, Snapwire helped come up with a robust style guide that matched the unique target demographics of the 2 products. Snapwire assigned out 2 photographers to complete the shoot. Each photographer was responsible for producing a set of images that matched 2 different themes. The first shoot was a nautical themed shoot, with images produced to attract stylish and sporty women. The second shoot was an urban/office themed shoot, aimed to attract professional working men. The results were 2 unique sets of photos that matched the unique aesthetics of each of the products.



Custom Content Pieces


Unique Aesthetics Achieved

3 Weeks

Completion Time

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