Case Study: Menu Photos


SkipTheDishes has succeeded in becoming one of the largest food courier services in Canada. The platform is available on both desktop platforms and mobile applications and features live order tracking, ratings, and now, high-quality photos of featured menu dishes from its restaurant partners.


SkipTheDishes offers many solutions to restaurant business owners to help increase orders and run a more efficient business. One of these solutions is custom photo shoots of a restaurant’s dishes. SkipTheDishes found that including photos with online menus consistently leads to a 15-20% increase in orders for the select menu dishes that had photos. Partners who choose to have their menu dishes photographed can typically see a high return on the dishes they choose to photograph.


SkipTheDishes is partnering with Snapwire and its professional food photographer network to come to its restaurant partner locations to capture photos of select menu items. When restaurant partner opts-in to a shoot, they should expect to accomplish a series of milestones to have a successful outcome. After the restaurant confirms the number of dishes they want featured and the date of the photo shoot, a Snapwire photographer will reach out confirm the scheduled shoot. When planning a menu shoot, restaurant management will need to ensure that the staff is informed of the day and time of the shoot to avoid confusion and delays. When the restaurant partner confirms the chosen photo package, they need to make sure that the appropriate number of dishes are prepared in advance of the photographer's arrival. The featured dishes need to be true to what is described on the online SkipTheDishes menu. Never group menu items or include items and upgrades that do not come with the online order. Do not include things like cutlery, or branded logos. Lastly, plating food is an important step and menu items should be presented accurately and beautifully. SkipTheDishes recommends that partners choose items that are popular in the restaurant or items that have a high-profit margin. SkipTheDishes has strict guidelines for what can be posted on their site. Snapwire photographers are trained to know the guidelines so please trust them in the process and if you have questions you can ask them prior to the shoot. Any questions not addressed in this article can be directed by email to:


7-39 Dishes

3 Shoot Packages


Increase in Orders

14 Days

Average Time to Platform

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