Case Study: Trackr


Trackr is a global leader in helping consumers find easily lost items. Those items could range from the more common like car keys or a wallet, to a much more valuable item like a pet. Snapwire helped the Trackr team produce content that displayed how easy it is to find your lost items with their unique products.


The variety of items that a person could lose is astounding, yet we often only think of the items we most commonly use as items that actually get lost. Trackr wanted to show its customers how they could be tracking items that may not seem so common sense to most people to show that their products really do provide value beyond the most obvious. Showing that their product was small and non obtrusive was also important so that it could be seen as not a burden to carry around.


Snapwire teamed Trackr up with a photographer to produce a series of different concept shoots that displayed the vast amount of ways you can use Trackr products. Instead of focusing solely on the Trackr product itself, they chose to focus on how important the item is that you were actually using with your Trackr device (like your pet!). Trackr ended up with a custom content library that not only beautifully displayed their product but also the most important items in a persons lives that they would not want to lose.



Different Concepts


Content Pieces

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