Frequently Asked Questions


How does Snapwire work?

Snapwire is a platform that connects a new generation of photographers with brands, creatives and small businesses who need to license authentic custom photos. Buyers post a creative brief (which we call Requests or Challenges) and photographers respond by submitting their best photos to match. Buyers nominate photos they like based on the visual esthetic they are trending toward. When a buyer nominates a photo, they sort their favorites to the top of the feed and photographers earn points. Buyers purchase photos when images that match their vision. At that time, the winning photographers get awarded and paid. Both buyers and photographers can like photos. When they do, it adds photos to a collection view where they may be saved for future inspiration and purchasing consideration. Snapwire also has a growing library of original authentic photography in our Marketplace where buyers can search, discover and license photos previously submitted to Requests and Challenges. Additionally, when photographers upload photos to their profile their photos have a chance of being chosen for our Marketplace. Learn more here.

Can I immediately start submitting photos on Snapwire?

Yes. You can submit photos to your profile and build a great Portfolio at anytime, or submit photos to open Challenges. If the Challenge is posted by Snapwire, any buyer can purchase photos from it. If the Challenge is posted by a specific buyer, only this buyer can make a purchase while the Challenge is live or in review. Buyers can also license photos directly from your Portfolio. Always strive to submit your very best high resolution photos on Snapwire.

What are levels and points for?

We've built a leveling system that rewards photographers who have success on Snapwire. Rewards include the ability to get invited to Requests, higher-visibility to buyers, and eventually paid commissioned shoots. The goal is to help you earn more money, improve your reputation as a photographer, and allow direct relationships with buyers. Once you level up to Shooter status, you earn points for every major activity you do on Snapwire. On Snapwire, we have seven levels: Explorer, Shooter, Advanced, Expert, Elite, Pro and Master. Each level provides a unique perk and advances you toward further success. Learn more here

Can I submit to Challenges?

Yes. We allow anyone to participate in Challenges so they can fully experience our product, have a chance to level up to Shooter status (where they can submit to higher priced buyer Requests), and hone in on their photography skills.

Why can I not submit a photo to a Request?

You have to level up to a Shooter status to submit to higher priced buyer Requests (but you can submit to Challenges or build a Portfolio of photos at anytime). To level up, you must have at least one photo nominated on a Challenge or Snapwire has to handpick one of your photos for our Marketplace. If you're at Shooter level and still cannot submit to a Request, the Request is likely in review or has been closed. The buyer can close the Request at any time.

How do I level up to Shooter status so I can submit to paid Buyer's Requests?

You can level up to Shooter status if your photo gets nominated or purchased. Additionally, Snapwire's editors also review photos uploaded to your profile. If the quality is high in your profile, your photos have a commercial appeal, and the images could serve buyers - you will level up as a Shooter right away. If you have not leveled up, focus on submitting your most beautiful work. Also consider modifying your portfolio (removing your weakest photos) and your profile will re-appear to our creative editors. A tight submission of a few great photos is always better than lots of average photos. Learn what it takes to get approved on our blog.

Who Nominates photos on Snapwire and why some, not others?

Creative directors, art buyers, graphic designers (we call them collectively; buyers) are the people nominating and purchasing on Challenges and Requests. Snapwire runs it's own Challenges as well, so we nominate photos on these type of Challenges. Keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is not always easy to know why a buyer selects photos, but they are going to choose the best photos for their specific image need and that can depend on many factors. Buyers are going to nominate photos to help inform other photographers what is closest to their vision and purchase photos that only work for their creative projects. Take note of nominated photos to learn which photos buyers are trending toward and submit accordingly.

Why would I like photos on Snapwire?

If you are a buyer, liking photos serves as a collection of favorite photos you may consider purchasing a license to use in the future. For photographers, liking photos collects the photos you have liked to keep a feed of those which inspired you.

What kind of photos should I upload to Snapwire?

If you are building your initial portfolio, you're building your initial library of photos that would sell so be sure submit photos that are beautiful, clean of borders, and have commercial appeal. Also consider photos that have a good use of light, sharpness, and concept. Avoid submitting 'happy snaps'. You'll want to upload at least 4 of your very best photos to your profile to get reviewed. The more photos uploaded, the better the chance on getting accepted in the Marketplace library. When submitting to a Request of Challenge, be sure to read the brief for other restrictions. While self-editing can be intimidating, take clues from other successful photographers, noting nominated & purchased photos on requests, and photos accepted in our Marketplace. Additionally, your uploaded photos should always be JPEG and there is no limit on the size of the file submitted.

How many images can I submit to a Challenge or Request?

We limit submissions to encourage all users to submit only their best work. The number of photos you can submit to Challenges or Requests is determined by your user level on Snapwire. Learn more here. Remember, Buyers only want to see your best photos so if you have very similar compositions of the same subject with similar angles, please limit your submissions to one or two images.

Can I submit the same photo to multiple Requests on Snapwire?

Yes, but only when other Challenges or Requests you submitted is closed. This is primarily due to prevent issues that may arise if a photo is purchased with exclusivity. If your photo has not had a temporary exclusivity purchased on a Request, you can upload your photos to another Request. Once the exclusivity period expires on the photo purchase it can be submitted to another Request or Challenge.

Can I submit multiple images to a Request or Challenge?

Yes, but please limit the number of 'sister' ('similar') photos submitted to any one Request or Challenge. A 'sister' photo (or sometimes called 'similar') is a photo that is roughly the same frame with multiple variations of the same subject. Too many 'sister' photos can overwhelm buyers and decrease your chances of a purchase.

Can I submit photos I have already shot and shared elsewhere?

Yes. Some of your best photos have already been shared. We encourage quality uploads from cloud-based photo sharing sites like Google Drive, Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox.

Why do I see duplicate photos and how can I control what photos are displayed on my profile portfolio?

On Snapwire, each photo submitted to a Request or Challenge is under consideration for one potential buyer. Buyers can optionally claim a exclusivity for each submission in the purchasing process. In order to ensure that buyers can complete this flow, we can not allow photographers to submit previously submitted photos to multiple Requests or Challenges. In order to ensure that your profile does not include duplicate photos, we allow photographers to hide and reveal each photo. You can manage what photos appear on your profile by visiting the Manager on our website. Use the toggle next to each photo to reveal or hide photos. Also use this option to hide duplicate photos from appearing on our your profile.

How do I control which photos are available for license?

You can manage what photos are made available for license on Snapwire by visiting your Photo Manager on our website. Use the toggle next to each photo to turn on or off the photo's license status on the Manager.

How should I caption or keyword my photos?

Captioning and keywording your photo is an important step to success on Snapwire. Buyers use this information when reviewing the photo before they purchase. Additionally, we use this information to help aid a photo's discovery in our search if your photo is chosen for our Marketplace. It's important to caption or keyword your photo for context and accuracy. When entering a caption, describe the dominant subject and gender, age, color, location or object. You can also add localized or seasonal information. Avoid personal names or personal narrative in captioning your photo. As way of an example; 'A young girl holding a red umbrella in Central Park on a spring day' is an acceptable caption for a relevant photo.

How do I add or modify keywords to my photos?

If your photo is chosen for the Marketplace, they will be made discoverable through keywords we automatically apply for you but you can also add and modify keywords to any photo by visiting your Manager on our website.

You can also use the Caption feature in our mobile application to add simple keywords when you upload your photos. If you do this, all keywords should be separated by commas. Do not add hashtags or symbols in front of the keywords. It is recommended that add caption to photos separately from keywords. To change existing keywords, visit your Manager on the website.

What does my rating mean?

When your photo is purchased on a Request or Challenge, the buyer may choose to leave you personal feedback and also rate your photo on its creativity, accuracy, and originality. Maintaining a positive rating builds trust with buyers and gives you a positive reputation. Learn more here

How do I get invited to a Request?

Once you've reached the Advanced level, you'll be eligible to be invited to Requests by buyers. You can achieve the Advanced level by earning 1000 points. Invites get you an additional level of exposure, and increase your chance of earning more money.

What’s the minimum size photo I can submit?

Snapwire encourages the largest size photo to satisfy the most flexible use for the buyer. At this time we require a minimum 1000 pixels on the shortest side of the photo. Snapwire will automatically read your photo to ensure you meet the minimum size requirement. Buyers may also require you to upload a photo that meets their minimum size requirement on a Request.

I see I can post messages on Requests and Challenges. What is Messaging used for?

Messaging is reserved for non opinionated communication between buyers and photographers. Use the messaging feature to ask questions about the creative brief to improve results for the buyer or the brief. Negative messages that defame or slander other users will be removed and messages posted that express religious or political opinions are subject to removal.

My photo was removed from a Request or Challenge. Why?

Reading the Creative Brief is critical. If a buyer has removed or hidden your photo, it is likely that they believe the photo is irrelevant to the brief. It is also possible that a Snapwire curator has determined the photo was not a fit for the Request or Challenge.

I have a lot of good photos on Instagram. Why can't I submit from there?

Unfortunately, Instagram only allows photos of 612px or smaller to come through their API, which is too small for a buyer’s needs. That being said, the copies of your Instagram photos that get saved to your camera roll are big enough, so feel free to submit those photos to Snapwire.

Do all my photos have to be from a mobile phone?

We will accept any digital photo which you own. You can upload from the Snapwire mobile applications or the website. At Snapwire, we firmly believe that the best camera is the one that you have with you. You can also connect to a variety of photo sharing platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and other service to pull in your best shots for any Request.

My photo was chosen as Select for the Snapwire Marketplace. What does this mean?

The Snapwire Marketplace is a set of the best images submitted to Snapwire. We offer this content to all buyers in a Marketplace with various price tiers. If your photo is chosen, and you are an Explorer you'll level up to Shooter. Photos chosen for the Marketplace are flagged as Select or Premium and are made available for inclusion in our Subscription offering where the chances of earning are greatly increased. If you would like to remove any photos from the Marketplace you can simply delete them from the Manager section of our service. Photographers earn 50% when photos sell in the Marketplace or on their profile and a fixed payout in the event a photo is sold on a Subscription. Premium photos have other rules that apply. Please note below.

My photo has been flagged as Premium what does this mean?

Premium photos are priced higher than Select photos because of their commercial potential. When your photo is chosen as Premium, you get notified and earn points. If your photo is chosen for the Marketplace or nominated on a Challenge you automatically level up as a Shooter. You also agree to let Snapwire exclusively represent any Premium photo in our Marketplace. This means that you may only let Snapwire license these photos to commercial buyers. Some Premium photos are also selected for our global partner sites and will be sold on platforms. This provides more opportunities for your photo to be sold. If your photo sells on a partner site, you will earn at the Marketplace payout rate of what fees were received by Snapwire when your photo sold. Payout availability may vary depending on partner.

My photo was sold in a Snapwire Subscription. What does this mean?

Snapwire offers a Subscription to buyers, where for a monthly fee the buyer may get access to a select number of photos as outlined on one of our three Subscription plans. In general, Subscription offerings increase a photographers earnings due to the volume of downloads where payouts are fixed per photo download based on the price of the Subscription plan. To see our current Subscription offerings and payouts visit our Subscription Offering and Payout Guide on our site.

How does Snapwire choose photos for its discoverable Marketplace?

Photographers who have achieved at least 3 Nominations and at least had 2 photos chosen as Premium will have all their photos flagged as Select made available in our searchable Marketplace. Snapwire reserves the right to remove the status of any submitted photo automatically flagged as Select or Premium. Learn more about our Marketplace.

Are all my submitted photos up for sale?

All photos uploaded directly to your Portfolio are available for buyers to purchase a license. Photos uploaded to Challenges or Requests are eligible for our discoverable Marketplace under one of our two price tiers when they are chosen by a Snapwire creative editor. If your photos are chosen for our discoverable marketplace, they are made discoverable by keywords which we apply for you. You can add your own keywords to any of your photo in your Manager on our website. Learn more about our payouts on our Payouts page on our website.

What does exclusivity mean when my photos sell?

If your photo is sold with exclusivity you will earn more money. Exclusivity guarantees the buyer that no one else can purchase the image during the exclusivity period. It also means that your image will only be reviewed for the Marketplace after the exclusivity period has expired. When a buyer purchases a photo, any Sister photo (or similar out take) may be requested to be removed from Snapwire during the term of the exclusivity period.

Why do Requests and Challenges vary in price?

When someone creates a photo Request on Snapwire, they determine the price they are willing to pay per photo and it's posted on the Request. While Snapwire requires minimums on pricing in order to launch a photo need on the service, the photo price is typically informed by a buyer's need and budget. Since budgets vary by project, submitting to lower paying Requests gives you exposure to the buyer and a way to build overall exposure on the platform. As an added benefit, you’ll level up, expose your skill, and get a chance to have your photos chosen for the Marketplace.

I earned money. How do I get it?

We now make payments through Paypal or Stripe. All earnings you make on Snapwire will be automatically sent to you through your chosen payout method. To request to collect your payment on mobile visit My Stats. On the website, go to "Payouts" from the side menu to transfer your Snapwire earnings. To collect payment on our website, login to your account and choose to transfer money to your Paypal or any US bank account you own. Payments will be processed on the 1st of the following month, providing your balance is $25 or more. If the 1st is a weekend or US holiday, the payment will be made on a prior business day. In any event, once you request a payout, it currently averages up to 15 business days to receive money in your chosen account from when Snapwire receives final payment from the Buyer. Please note, we no longer support Balanced for ACH payouts.

What will I earn when my photo sells?

At Snapwire we believe you should retain the majority of the money you make from your photos. That’s why we give you the majority from every photo that is purchased on a Request. That's a big departure from most stock photo services who pay as little as a few cents for every photo sold on their platform. You keep 70% of every photo sold on a buyer's paid Request and 50% when your photos sell in the Marketplace.

The amount I earned is different than the price posted on the Request. Why?

A photo Request lists the price that the buyer is willing to pay per photo. Snapwire collects a 30% platform service fee for each photo sale at the time of the transaction. We'll always cover credit card and payment transfer fees.

Do I need to pay taxes on money earned on Snapwire?

It will depend on your total annualized earnings and your local government's tax laws so you should check the tax law specifically for your country.

I submitted my photo to a Request and it's been removed. Why?

If the quality of your photo is low or contains sexual, violent or other inappropriate content that violates our terms of service, it will be removed. In some cases, Snapwire or the buyer may remove your photo from a Request if it contains inappropriate content. Even if your photo was sold to a buyer, we can always remove the photo if it violates our terms of service.

Can I remove my photo from Snapwire?

Yes. In order to delete a photo, visit the Manager page on the website or on our iOS app. On mobile, slide the status bar to the left to reveal the delete feature. On our website, hover over the image to reveal the delete icon. Note that deleting photos does not affect previous licenses you have granted.

How does the Snapwire Referral Program work?

If you are a Buyer on Snapwire, you have the ability to give a colleague credit that can be applied to their 1st photo purchase. Credits can be applied to any priced Request or any photo in our Marketplace. Simply give a friend $20 of Snapwire credit and get $20 of Snapwire credit when they make their 1st purchase. You can invite up to 5 friends and earn up to $100. Snapwire credits are reserved for photo Buyers and may not be used directly by Photographer to artificially earn money. Circumventing our Referral rules will be grounds for deleting a user account as detailed in our Terms Of Service.

I submitted to a Request and it's in Review or Closed without a purchase. Why?

Depending on needs, some buyers purchase immediately, while others take a long time to purchase. A small percentage of buyers end up not purchasing due to a creative concept change. Regardless, buyers often work with teams of decision makers and projects have multiple stages of approvals ranging from days to months, depending on the schedule of the client. During this time the Request may or may not be re-opened to allow more photo submissions or closed. The buyer has up to 45 days to make final purchases before the Request automatically closes. When a Request closes, Snapwire handpicks the very best photos to be included in the Marketplace.

How do I delete my account?

Please go to the close account tab in your Settings if you wish to delete your account on our website.

How do I contact Snapwire for additional support?

The easiest way is to send us an email to support @


Do I need permission from the people in my photos?

Yes. In order to submit a photo to Snapwire you agree you have the permission from any identifiable people in the submitted photo in order to sell the photo with a commercial license. You will need the written permission of the person(s) in the form of a Model Release for commercial use. You can use our own model release app; Releases. By accepting the Snapwire Terms of Service, you agree to comply with all laws regarding model releases. Please check our blog or click here to learn more about Releases and other Photo Laws.

Do I need a property release?

If your photos contain recognizable trademarks or personally owned property (like a identifiable store sign, branded product, logo, or other identifiable private property) it is best to have a property release as most buyers look to license photos for commercial use. As this is not always possible, be sure to capture photos that mitigate this issue. Be confident you can obtain a property release for any photo before uploading a photo to Snapwire. Please check our blog or click here to learn more about Releases and other Photo Laws.

Do I need permission to photograph in certain locations?

Obtaining permission to take photographs in public areas varies between countries. We recommend that you check the regulations of your country. Most countries permit taking photographs in public areas, which usually means places that can be accessed without restrictions, such as city streets and public transportation buildings. If your photo was captured on private property, such as someone’s home or a commercial office, and the location is recognizable, be sure you get the permission of the property owners too. Do not submit photos of people taken through windows in their homes or offices.

Can I submit someone else's photos?

No. You may only submit photos you shot and you have the rights to sell. Uploading someone else’s photograph is a violation of copyright which can result in substantial damages to you. We also reserve the right to terminate the account of any user that is reported as uploading content that belongs to others photographers or other users.

What does Snapwire do when we are made aware of copyright infringements

When Snapwire has received a copyright violation, we immediately take action to investigate the issue and follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protocol. We send a notification to both the infringer and copyright holder about any copyrighted works on Snapwire's service. We identify the Internet Protocol ('IP') address associated with the infringer's user account at the time of infringement as the source of the infringing works. As such, a copyright violation notice is sent explaining the seriousness of the offense, illustrating potential damages reaching up to $250,000 per infringement may occur, and all uploaded photos from an infringer's account will be removed from their profile and their account will be deactivated per our Terms of Service. We further investigate the matter with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) to obtain full contact information about the infringer and communicate with them via the appropriate legal channels as the case evolves.

What type of content is restricted?

It is a violation of our Terms of Service to submit any photo that contains nude people, sexual or violent content or other material that might be offensive (see our Terms of Service if you are unsure). If you see a photo that violates our Terms of Service, you can report the image on iOS or on the website while previewing the photo or you may notify us at violations @ so we may take immediate steps to remove the photo.


How much does Snapwire cost to use?

Snapwire is free to use when a photographer submits a photo to the platform. Snapwire charges buyers a licensing fee for the right to use a photo. Buyers agree to pay a per photo licensing fee when they create their photo brief. It works a lot like this: Buyers create a Challenge or Request for custom photos, set their own budget which they pay upfront when launching the Challenge or Request and if none of the submissions work, buyers can get a credit. Buyers who purchase photos on Terms with us can launch a Challenge or Request without paying an upfront fee as they’re on Net 30 terms. To become a Buyer with terms, please contact us at hello[at]

When does my Request or Challenge end?

Photo submissions end when the remaining time on the Request or Challenge reaches zero or the buyer manually ends the submission period because they have found the photo they are looking for early. At that time, the Request or Challenge then enters into a Review period where final purchasing decisions may be made.

What's the difference between Challenges and Requests?

Challenges (also known as photo contests) are open to the whole Snapwire community including photographers of the Explorer level. Explorer level are typically newer to the platform. Requests are open only to approved photographers of Shooter level or above, and are usually priced higher than Challenges. Challenges that are posted by Snapwire are thematic Photo Contests that allow anyone to participate and give buyers a chance to purchase relevant photos from themes and trends we observe to be relevant to today's photo buyers. Buyers can also run their own Challenges on Snapwire to engage with the Snapwire community, bring awareness to their brand, and build a library of content to promote their product or idea. If the Challenge is posted by a specific buyer, only this buyer can make a purchase while the Challenge is live or in Review. If a Challenge is posted by Snapwire (directly), we allow anyone to purchase from it at the listed price per photo. Photos purchased on a Request come with an optional exclusivity period; photos purchased on a Challenge don't have an exclusivity option.

Can I purchase photos from Snapwire Challenges?

If the Challenge is posted by Snapwire (Snapwire Challenge), anyone can purchase photos from it at the posted price per photo. Snapwire Challenges are thematic photo contests that allow anyone to participate and give buyers a chance to purchase relevant photos from themes and trends we observe. If the Challenge is posted by a specific buyer, only this buyer can make a purchase while the Challenge is live or in review.

Can I purchase photos from a user's profile?

Yes. All user's photos directly uploaded to their profile are made available for sale by the seller. Photos submitted to Snapwire Challenges are for sale at any time. Photos submitted to buyer Requests or buyer Challenges may not be for sale until the Request or Challenge has ended. Separate licensing terms apply to profile photos, so be sure to check the photo's permission status before you buy.

Can I purchase photos after the timer has elapsed?

Yes. Once the timer reaches zero and the Request is in the Review state you can still purchase photos until you close the Request. Some buyers like to buy photos as soon as their Request goes live, and others prefer to wait until submissions have ended. We give you the freedom to decide when to purchase. All Requests will automatically close 45 days after it enters into the Review state. If you need more time you can contact us at support [at]

Can I communicate to photographers about changes to my Request?

Yes. You can post messages on your Request by clicking on the messaging tab on the Request detail view. All participating photographers will get notified that you've posted a message. You will also get notified when photographers message back on your Request.

How long will it take to see images appear in my Request?

Once you publish, your Request is live, and photographers can start uploading images immediately.

Can I change, cancel or delete my Request?

Yes, you can change almost everything about your Request or Challenge by simply clicking Edit in the top right corner of the Request page. You'll be able to update the title, use, photo styles, art direction, inspirational images and some of the additional requirements such as orientation, environment, lighting, space for copy and language. If you need to change the price, extend, cancel or delete your Request or Challenge, please send an email to hello @ and we will help you.

How can I use a photo I've purchased on Snapwire?

Any photo purchased on Snapwire comes with a personal and commercial royalty free license. This license provides you the rights to use the photo for both personal and commercial purposes. For the one-time payment, you may use the photo over and over again for uses such as advertising and promotional projects, websites, presentations, editorial uses, videos, commercials, catalogs, and even broadcasting. As a photo buyer, you must ensure that publishing the photo you've purchased complies with any applicable legislation regarding the publication of photos and you are responsible for securing any required releases prior to publication.

How can I obtain a model release for a photo I've purchased on Snapwire?

On Snapwire, photographers are responsible for warranting that all the models in their photo have given their permission for using the photo for commercial use. If the permissions information is set to "Yes" then you may ask to obtain a signed model (or property release when applicable) in advance of your purchase. If you need to do so send an email to us hello @ and we will get that process going. Please build a 2 day lead time obtain releases.

Can I contact the photographer directly?

The terms of service require that you complete all transactions and communications using Snapwire itself. If you have to follow up with a photographer for licensing, releases or dispute issues, the photographer can be contacted through Snapwire. If you need to do so send an email to hello @ and we will help you.

What are my purchasing options using Snapwire?

You can purchase photos from Requests, Challenges, our Library Marketplace, or on a Subscription. You can purchase photo licenses on Snapwire using any major credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express and all licensing fees are charged in US Dollar. If you require to pay by another method, you may be billed and pay by check. Please contact us to do so.

I don't like any of the photos submitted to my Request. What do I do?

If none of the images are working for you, contact our support team and we'll work with you to get you closer to what you need as we can modify and extend the time on a Request. Email hello @ to get started. We ask to you to close all photo Requests once you make your final purchasing decisions.

What type of inspirational images can I upload when I create a photo Request?

Inspirational images are used for the purpose of illustrating the type of photo you are looking for. When creating a Request you may not ask photographers to copy, replicate, or duplicate any sample inspirational images as this would be a violation of copyright. You can inform photographers that you like a particular style of a inspiration photo, but do not instruct photographers to submit an exact clone. You are responsible for all photos uploaded to your Request. All users are responsible for abiding by all laws, including copyright.


What is a Stock Photo License?

A photo license is a legal agreement between a photographer and a buyer where the photographer agrees to license their photo to a buyer. This license means the buyer may legally use the photo to help illustrate an idea, sell a product or a service.

If I sell my photo does the buyer get to keep it?

No. When you sell an image on Snapwire a buyer is licensing the right to simply use the photo. You always retain the copyright to your photo.

Are these royalty free photos?

Yes. Every photo sold on Snapwire comes with a royalty free license, which means the buyer may use the photo multiple times without paying further royalties to the creator. Be sure to check the Permission status of any photo if you are planning to use the photo for commercial purposes. Each single photo purchased on Snapwire can be stored on a digital asset management system and comes with 5 seats licenses. This means 5 people may access the photo at any given time. Subscription photos have unique restrictions on access.

How can the photos be used that I purchase?

Photos sold on Snapwire come with an in-perpetuity Royalty Free license so they may be used for any personal or commercial use, such as prints, magazines, blogs, advertising and promotional projects, websites, presentations, videos, brochures and for any medium.

What size photo do I need?

Depending on how you plan to use the photo, you will need to know your required pixels for your project. A photo's height and width in pixels should exceed your required pixels in your project. We provide the photo's exact available pixels but here are some suggested uses for photo sizes on Snapwire:

Who owns the rights to the photos that are purchased?

The photographer always maintains the copyright to their photos. When a buyer licenses a photo through a purchase, the photographer is granting them rights to use that photo under our terms of service. If a buyer licenses a photo from a photographer, they may never resell (or sublicense) the photo to another person or entity. Other restrictions may apply.

What does an exclusivity period mean on a Request?

Every photo purchased from a Request comes with an optional exclusivity period. This means the buyer (alone) has the right to use the photo for the exclusivity period. After the period expires, other buyers may purchase a license on the photo. Exclusivity is currently only offered to images submitted to Requests and Private Requests (not Challenges).

What if I have more questions that are not covered in your FAQ?

If you have questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please send your question by email to hello @ . For urgent buyer inquiries, please call our licensing help desk at 805-845-7572 M-F from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time Zone for additional support.