Request Brief Guide

Google is capturing locations all over the world and needs beautiful photos of landmarks in certain regions. Photos are the first thing potential travelers look at when searching for things to do in an area. Your photos will greatly impact those who go looking for things to do in new cities. If you participated in the Zagat Requests (previously ran by Google), then you should understand the quality Google expects.

The Gig Details

These requests are extremely time sensitive so please be aware of the deadlines currently present. The shot list for this assignment if much more general. Please absolutely NO abstract looking shots (ie. zooming in on strange angles, details on a building, etc.). Images should be consistent in style and fully capture whatever geographical point of interest is in the brief.
You’ll be competing with other photographers in your area and Google will select the winning images which best capture a location. Upload more, take great shots and you’ll likely get more photos purchased. Please be aware that Google holds a very high standard for quality and will not be selecting small resolution images. Please follow the rules to shoot by below to ensure you have the greatest chance at getting your images selected.

Rules to Shoot By

Google will be purchasing a minimum of 1 photo for $25 ($17.50 net) per shot. We've developed a set of guidelines to ensure that any photo captured meets the required level of quality & cohesiveness for all locations. While the guide provides direction, your creative eye is important for these Requests.

Know Your Rights

All photos captured for Google will be purchased as a Royalty Free license. Meaning the photos will be used non-exclusively by Google without any further compensation. You can use the photos for personal promotion and use. All photos will be licensed by our Terms Of Service.