Liaison Capitol Hill, Washington DC - Washington

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As we've done for flights, we've created a unique, mobile-friendly hotels experience that we feel is better than any other app out there. We believe the best way to showcase hotels is through authentic and engaging content that portrays what it's actually like to stay at the hotel. No photoshop. No premium rooms with balconies. No staging. No fresh flowers. Our goal is to capture the true guest experience.
You will be shooting Liaison Capitol Hill, Washington DC in Washington
415 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, Washington, DC, USA

Instructions: Your Hopper/Snapwire rep will book a room for you in advance. You MUST show up at the scheduled time for check in. Please complete the photoshoot and upload shots quickly after the shoot.

Special Instructions:

Creative Guidelines:
-Realistic: we want to see what it's actually like to stay at the hotel! Apply staged authenticity - making things look genuine and lived in but with a high-bar for aesthetics
-First Person POV is good, but we want to avoid seeing your face. Feet and hands only.
-Detail Shots & Close Ups: get plenty of detail shots to balance out the "vertical landscapes" but make them intentional. Only focus on the relevant and unique features of the hotel (rather than the generic items)
-Visual: highly visual and creative shots make up for a lack of narrative
-Social: engaging content that feels social but with a high bar for quality

Shoot Requirements:
6-13 Vertical shots per hotel section will be needed.
1 Horizontal photo per hotel section will also be needed.
Please review the Shot List linked below to ensure you capture all necessary shots for this shoot.

Post Processing & Selecting Requirements:
After completing the shoot you will need to edit and curate your shots and choose between 5-8 per hotel section to upload to the brief. Feel free to submit more than the maximum of 8, but please follow the naming convention below.

Uploading Requirements:
Upon upload on Snapwire, you will be required to properly label your photos in the Description section. For multiple selections of the same hotel section, write a number next to the section of the order that you'd like it to appear in your Instagram story. Please follow the standard labeling below:

Curated Selection Format: HotelSection 01, HotelSection 02, HotelSection 03 etc.
Example: Pool 01, Pool 02, Room 01, Room 02, Room 03
Alternative Selection Format: HotelSection alternative01, Hotel Section alternative 02 etc.
Example: Pool alternative01, Pool alternative02
Horizontal thumbnail Format: HotelSection thumbnail
Example: Pool thumbnail, Room thumbnail

Liaison Capitol Hill, Washington DC

415 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, Washington, DC, USA,+Washington,+DC+20001,Washington,DC,USA

Additional Requirements
Space For Copy:
Photo Size:
4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
Model Release:
415 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001
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