Chapel of the Holy Cross - Sedona (private)

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We're looking for exceptional photos of unique places around the world to be purchased and posted on our Instagram channel. We want to see shots that are awe-inspiring, eye-catching and alive. The photo should evoke an emotion that makes you want to visit it right now. Please follow the overall guidelines and composition checklist below. All images submitted will be purchased and licensed for the set price of the brief.

You will be shooting:
Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

View our Comprehensive Creative Guidelines Here:

Please look at our current Instagram for a feel for what we're looking for:

Visual Guidelines Checklist:
- Unique: Is this place not mainstream? Does it make you want to add it to a travel list?
- Accessible: Does the photo exhibit a sense of wanting to be there? Is it easy to get to through Maps?
- Alive: Does the photo capture a unique interaction? Does it evict an emotion that makes you feel something?
- Eye-Catching: Is this a place that draws the natural eye in? Do you have to look twice at the photo?
- Composition (lighting, rule of thirds, leading lines, depth of field, symmetry, patterns, balance, and framing)
- Does the photo evoke an emotion that makes you want to go there right now?
- Is the place currently open to the public?

Composition Checklist:

- Lighting: Moody and dark versus overexposed, great photos utilize shadows or brilliant golden light, early morning and late evening as best times to shoot.
- Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Horizon Line: Subjects should be on one of 9 equal segments, divided by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines, where the natural eye is drawn towards.
- Depth of Field: Created by including objects in the foreground, middleground, and background, understanding the sizing of a photo (low aperture is shallow, and high aperture is encompasses the whole scene).
- Symmetry and Patterns: Make for very eye-catching images, introduces tension and a focal point to the scene of opposing lines (think circular objects near squares, unique architecture).
- Balance and Framing: Even out the main subject's ‘visual weight’ by including another object of lesser importance to fill the space, following rule of thirds (think human elements in nature or city).

Non-Technical Criteria:

- Emotion: Deeply connects with the subject, is an unexpected shot, makes you feel something.
- Element of Intrigue: Invites someone into the scene, and requires additional thought from the viewer.
- Tells a Story, has Diversity: Creates a scenario that resonates with the viewer, and has different human elements.
- Leaves Something to the Imagination: Makes the viewer think, leaving much up for interpretation to the eye of the beholder.
- Captures a Moment: Human or natural element that resonates with the viewer, relatable but not aspirational.

Additional Requirements
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Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona
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