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We need 1 "before" and 1 "after" photo (2 total) to serve as rotating hero images for

First photo: A stressed businesswoman (attractive, multi-ethnic if possible) has her arms and hands stretched to her sides trying to juggle multiple objects in the air. She looks stressed and fears they will all fall. We'd like to see some shots of her looking upwards in fear at the objects and some with her directly looking into the camera. The background should be a solid neutral color. The objects (which you can add in artificially) that are floating in a semi-circle above her head are: laptop, a smartphone, a running shoe, an apple, a circular clock showing it's 5 minutes before 5 PM, a pillow (or something representing sleep), a prescription bottle, a newborn baby, and a cooking pan.
Second photo: The same woman is now looking placid, calm, and at ease maybe with her eyes now closed Jedi-style. She is now levitating those same objects effortlessly, with her arms outstretched in the same manner as in the first photo. She has a "mindful"/meditative look to her now that she's able to control all the responsibilities that were about to crash to the floor in the first photo.

Re: Photo 5ac7d3ac034eeb61ac1d92d5: Reshoot this with the model's face towards the camera with a serene/zen/meditative/content look to her face (eyes closed, with a smile). Her arms and hands need to be outstretched to her sides but her palms are facing upwards at shoulder level, similar to how they look in Photo 5ac7d3a59b3515418a59ff6f.

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