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P.F. Chang's
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We're looking for great exterior shots of each of our locations around the U.S. In particular, we need shots of our Spokane location. The address is:

801 W Main, Spokane, WA

-Shot MUST depict the Spokane location. Other locations submitted will NOT be considered.
-Exterior shot of the restaurant.
-Landscape orientation only.
-Wide angle shot. We don’t want tight views or angles. The shot should display the widest view possible without distortion.
-Please shoot with a straight on angle of the entrance, no side angles or shots of the side of the building.
-If possible, avoid cars or people in your shots.
-If possible, both of the PF Chang’s horses and signage will be shown in the shot

*Note: Inspirational Image is shown as a style guide, it is not the Spokane location.

Additional Requirements
Space For Copy:
Model Release:
801 West Main Avenue, Spokane, WA, United States
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Messages posted by users

8 months ago - If you need new angles I’d be more than happy to shoot new ones
8 months ago - @P.F.Chang's These two also include Spokane Skywalks, an iconic architectural feature the city of Spokane is known for. Unfortunately there is currently construction and the sign in front was unavoidable. I would be happy to re-shoot for you when signs are gone.
8 months ago - @P.F.Chang’s I have submitted two shots looking down both side streets. I have other views as well if these are not exactly what you’re looking for. However due to the tree on the corner I felt these two gave the best view of horse and sign.
8 months ago - P.F.Chang’s
8 months ago - I resubmitted new pictures, I believe it matches your company’s requirements. Thank you for the opportunity.
8 months ago - @P.F. Chang's ok I will shoot from that angle. Thanks for the information.
8 months ago - @kruse28 if you could take a shot of the corner of the building, showing both the horse and the signage that would be great. Ideally, you'll be able to see a bit down the street to give the viewer context about where the building is located
8 months ago - @P.F. Chang' s I will be submitting some wide angle shots before the deadline. Just a quick question about composition you requested. Since Spokane's building is a bit different from the others with only one horse and signage on the corner of building do you still want straight on shots?
8 months ago - Yes I do ! I’ll submit it now
9 months ago - @JDMG35 do you have another shot just like the first one you submitted only without a person in it? The angle is good with the horse and the signage.