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We are looking for you to capture life-well lived. We want people doing the stuff that is fun, that’s worth telling a story about later. It should start with the words ‘remember when Kristina.....’.

We need this to be non-specific. The locations should feel like they could be anywhere in the world. The people probably won’t be recognizable (again, because they could be anywhere in the world).

In keeping with this, the environments should be natural – nothing that feels like it could have been set up in a studio. It would be great, but not vital, that imagery featured some element of orange (the core FWD colour). And the shots need to feel candid like no one was aware the photo was being taken.

We will pay $500/per image for a 3 year exclusivity.

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2MP+ (ex: 1600x1200px+)
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1 year ago - Hi everyone, this is a private request for the photographer that's been invited. Thanks so much for your interest though! If you have any question, please feel free to email us at hello@snapwi.re or support@snapwi.re
1 year ago - So far looks like no one has been approved to enter this particular request, and it doesn't show up on the mobile app. Is it still an active request? Any admins?
1 year ago - So, letz go. Time for some EyeCatching. ;)
1 year ago - Hello. I think, I may have a picture for you. Thank
1 year ago - hello! When will I know if I can enter the request? I think I may have a good picture for you. Thanks