Hippie Fest - Hocking Hills (Logan, OH)

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Capture arresting photos that turn heads and make people want to know more about Hippie Fest in the Hocking Hills (28508 Murphy Rd, Logan, OH 43138), July 22-23, Aug 5-6. To be considered, photos must be taken at this event!

We seek to tell the story of what makes this experience distinctive and unforgettable. Focus on people having authentic candid experiences. Use the sketches below as a reference for potential scenarios: a mother and daughter bonding over a shared activity, friends enjoying camping, or a woman on stilts (or other colorful character) gifting a flower to a child. The photos below represent the photography style: warm and naturally lit.

Images must portray two or more people sharing connections and experiences, include their faces and elects of the events. The more unexpected and head-turning the better.

Signed model releases are required for all people that appear in the shots.

Your creative eye is important, but consider the following while shooting:
-Photographers must obtain necessary signed releases for locations and people in the image
-Avoid subjects looking at the camera
-Please shoot primarily vertical imagery
-Aim to shoot 1/100 second shutter speed
-Use a wide angle lens for interiors (no wider than 17mm)
-Be sure subjects are in focus
-Use a greater depth of field when appropriate
-Avoid using a flash
All photos captured will be purchased as a Royalty Free license. The photos will be used non-exclusively without any further compensation. You can use the photos for personal promotion and use.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy this project.

Additional Requirements
Space For Copy:
Photo Size:
10MP+ (ex: 3648x2736px+)
Model Release:
Logan, OH, United States
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