Van Tsao

  • mu-continent
  • New York City
  • Shooter
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Creative Statement

I believe one can live like an artist as long as you always see the world with a curious eye. For me, I enjoy being an artist/illustrator while parallel living as a normal middleclass identity gives me the exposure to interact with other individuals in our society.

My works are dedicated to animal, landscape, urban life and cityscape. In those work, I reconstruct my general knowledge of architecture, science, history, fairy tale and blend into my personal experience in seeking to conceive the original concept before the project begins. I believe inspiration depends heavily on individual’s meaningful experience, and enrich that source of creativity has always been a prioritize task in my life. I tried taking different roles, adapting its situation and expand my experience horizon. Right now, I work as an architect for a professional career, meanwhile taking photos and filming urban footage as being an urban designer and observer; and drawing fantasy illustrations to orchestrate the flow of intertwined imagination in my brain.

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