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Though an IT person by trade, I discovered photography by accident thanks to my wife. After graduating nursing school, she wanted a DSLR as a graduation gift. She had always been a shutterbug, but she asked me to help her learn how to use this newfangled piece of hardware. Being a new piece of tech for me to master, I did my due diligently, and tinkered with it a lot. I even read the manual for the camera - a first. But something happened along the way, not only did I discover the science of the equipment but the art of photography. Now I see things in a whole new light! ;-) My wife has taken a few hundred pictures with her "gift" and I have taken thousands with it. I have taken so many images, my children hide when I get out the camera now! They are really pretty good sports about it overall. I promised my wife that I'll upgrade the camera and she can have hers back. She said, "Gee, thanks." Hey, I'm that kind of a guy.