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Creative Statement

Soul Rebel Photography <br /> Created by a true Travel-Lover, inspired by the world and captured through people, Soul Rebel Photography started with the journey in 2008, when I decided to explore the world in a different way than most people do. No hotels, no schedules, no bookings, no set plans or time.. just a camera and a backpack. Complete freedom over my time and plans. Letting instincts to lead me through the streets of Berlin or online ticket search to decide my next destination. It is incredible sense of true freedom when you let yourself be.<br /> <br /> Exchanging fancy restaurants for local markets, meeting locals and going with the flow not knowing where I will be tomorrow, saying “Goodbye” to amazing people I just met hours ago, meeting the most inspiring people in train sharing a meal. You might never see them again or you might share a life changing experience. This is traveling for me. This is life for me.<br /> <br /> After being on the road the journey hasn’t stopped and it will never stop. I want to touch and inspire people to pursuit their goals and dreams, because I believe everyone has their own rebel inside that makes you feel alive…the engine to make your dreams come true! Only thing you have to do is listen and let it lead you to incredible places, beautiful people and a better YOU!<br /> <br /> Traveling is a unique experience, it breaks all the barriers and borders that we sometimes create for ourselves. <br /> <br /> Be yourself. Be a rebel.