Case Study: Intuit


Intuit has several products including TurboTax to help consumers make the hard part of financials easier. Being a software product it can often times be difficult to display your brand persona and your digital messaging. Snapwire worked with both Intuit's internal team and Outcast Agency to help achieve their vision.


Needing diverse imagery was key. Not only did Intuit want a diverse set of models appearing in all the content, they also wanted authentic imagery from different points of view. Snapwire worked with Intuit on 13 different concepts that displayed the brighter side of having using their products and the habits that lead to financial success.


Over the course of 8 weeks Snapwire sourced 6 different photographers around the globe that were able to execute on Intuit's diverse set of concepts that ranged from new years, to eating healthy, to different celebrations or holidays. Intuit ended up with a custom content library that covered all their needs and that they'll be able to use for all future campaigns.







Custom Content Pieces

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