Our Story

Our mission is to enable people with a passion for photography to thrive doing what they love.

StudioNow connects a new generation of creators with businesses and brands that need on-demand creative imagery. Buyers post requests on StudioNow, and creators submit photos that match. Buyers get custom photos that elevate their projects and creators earn money doing what they love.

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Great content is about the people who create it. Let's make it human again.

Why is finding the right photo so difficult? We search but usually find tired, overpriced stock that never feel quite right and pay the creator almost nothing. We can do better.

Make better content together

When creatives work together, the results can be magical. On StudioNow, creators create visuals to match a buyers vision. Creators earn money for their creativity, and buyers get content they love.

Put trust in creators

Creators get positive ratings on StudioNow when they deliver authentic, creative content to buyer Requests. This helps build a community where both talent and trust help determine a creators success.

Our goal is to help talented creators fulfill their dreams of becoming professional creatives.

How do we move past the current, often frustrating ways creators can earn money, like hustling prints and entering long-shot brand photo contests? We can do better. Let's start with a real need.

Build a pathway to success

We aren’t about crowdsourcing. We designed StudioNow with features that give any creator with talent and drive a pathway to follow their dream of becoming a professional creative.

Level up and go pro

With success on StudioNow, creators earn points that unlock rewards like invites to requests, positive ratings, exposure, and direct commissioned assignments from buyers.
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We believe that creators are artists and deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.

Why do microstock sites often pay less than 20% on sales to creators? Newer crowdsourcing sites often take more than half--and the creator's copyright. We can do better.

Respect your copyright

Creators who choose to shoot their favorite medium should be treated and respected as artists, not micro-laborers. That’s why creators on StudioNow always keep the full copyright of their images.

Keep a high percentage on sales

Producing a great content is really hard-—it takes patience, creativity, and talent. That's why we have one of the highest payouts in the industry.