Levels turn creativity from a passion to livelihood.

New levels unlock perks that give you more exposure to unlock rewards that help make you a Pro.

How leveling works

Photos are nominated on StudioNow Community. Once you become a Shooter or above, you'll earn points when your shots are nominated, marked as Premium or purchased by buyers. The higher your level, the more you can submit.




100 + 10×$




Start Here

This is the first level where all creators start. Submit your best shots to Challenges for a chance to get nominated by StudioNow. If your shot is nominated, you'll level up to Shooter.

Level Perks
  • Submit To Challenges

Upload Limit
  • 2 Shots A Challenge


Nomination or Profile Approval

Get a shot nominated to level up. From here on out, you'll earn points for every nomination or purchase.

Level Perks
  • Ratings And Stats
  • Leaderboard Position
  • Personal Portfolio Sales

Upload Limit
  • 5 Shots A Challenge


1,000 Points Needed

You've earned your first big perk and will be reviewed by our internal Creative Director. Great job!

Level Perks
  • Portfolio Review

Upload Limit
  • 7 Shots A Challenge


5,000 Points Needed

Looking good. You've now had a few shots nominated or sold so buyers are loving your work. It's time for some exposure. You're now featured on our platform.

Level Perks
  • Featured Creator Profile

Upload Limit
  • 15 Shots A Challenge


15,000 Points Needed

Your work is exceptional, and your shots are nominated and purchased regularly. It's time for the spotlight. You can also be invited to Direct Assignments on a pro site.

Level Perks
  • Spotlight Email To Buyers

Upload Limit
  • 20 Shots A Challenge


50,000 Points Needed

Your talent and creativity have earned you sales and a great rating. Now businesses and brands can commission shots from you.

Level Perks
  • Paid Commissions From Buyers

Upload Limit
  • No Upload Limit on Challenges


NO Points Needed

You're already a pro and you've been invited to the Pro Platform. Buyers pay a premium price to gain access to you and you will work with one of our in-house producers to get commissioned assignments.

Level Perks
  • Paid Commissions From Buyers

Upload Limit
  • Same benefits as Pro