Quality Control Levels

Levels turn creativity from a passion to livelihood.

New levels unlock perks that give more exposure and the ability to work directly with buyers. Higher levels unlock rewards that help make a Pro.

How leveling works

Buyers nominate on Snapwire. Once a Shooter or above, you'll earn points when your shots are nominated by buyers, licensed by buyers, or marked as Premium by Snapwire. Points unlock levels and the higher your level, the more you can submit.

Buyer Invite





100 + 10×$




Start Here

This is the first level where all creators start. Submit your best shots to Challenges for a chance to get nominated by Snapwire and level up. If your shot is nominated, you'll level up to Shooter and can submit to higher paying buyer Requests.

Level Perks
  • Submit To Challenges
  • Personal Portfolio Sales

Upload Limit
  • 2 Shots A Challenge
  • Level Up For Requests


Nomination or Profile Approval

You're in the game and can now submit shots to higher paid buyer Requests. Get a shot nominated to level up. From here on out, you'll earn points for every nomination or purchase.

Level Perks
  • Ratings And Stats
  • Leaderboard Position

Upload Limit
  • 5 Shots A Challenge
  • 2 Shots A Request


1,000 Points Needed

You've earned your first big perk. You can now get invited by buyers to shoot their Requests. You can also apply to select Requests. Great job!

Level Perks
  • Get Invited To Requests

Upload Limit
  • 7 Shots A Challenge
  • 5 Shots A Request


5,000 Points Needed

Looking good. You've now had a few shots nominated or sold so buyers are loving your work. It's time for some exposure. You're now featured on our platform.

Level Perks
  • Featured Creator Profile

Upload Limit
  • 15 Shots A Challenge
  • 10 Shots A Request


15,000 Points Needed

Your work is exceptional, and your shots are nominated and purchased regularly. It's time for the spotlight. You can also be invited to Direct Requests and get paid to post to Instagram from businesses and brands.

Level Perks
  • Featured On Our Instagram
  • Spotlight Email To Buyers

Upload Limit
  • 20 Shots A Challenge
  • 20 Shots A Request


50,000 Points Needed

Your talent and creativity have earned you sales and a great rating. Now businesses and brands can commission shots from you directly.

Level Perks
  • Paid Commissions From Buyers

Upload Limit
  • No Upload Limit on Challenges
  • No Upload Limit on Requests


NO Points Needed

You're already a pro and you've been invited to the Masters Program on the platform. Buyers pay a premium price to gain access to you on Requests, will work with you on a one-to-one basis

Level Perks
  • Paid Commissions From Buyers

Upload Limit
  • Same benefits as Pro
  • No Upload Limit on Requests