Case Study: Beverage Media Group - Value Driven Rates


As the world of content creators becomes increasingly saturated, diversifying your brand through selective creators is becoming more and more important to brands and media buyers. Traditionally, working with select artists is an expensive endeavor and proves to be too costly for brands who are looking to obtain a large variety of content. The Art Director for Beverage Media Group - a publishing company managing trade magazines that focus on business to business communications systems to promote, distribute and market alcoholic beverages. As creators of retail editorial content, Beverage Media Group is constantly sourcing imagery to highlight feature articles.


For BMG's Art Director, crowd-sourcing with a traditional platform might not create the results needed due to low prices points - thus resulting in low engagement from top creators. The challenge of price to pictures is a large blocker for a lot of brands and photographers.


Snapwire succeeds as a self-serve product with the opportunity for BMG to set higher than usually seen in the crowdsourcing model. As the popularity of on-demand content grows, setting prices in favour of the photographer will produce content of greater quality as the photographer will receive more value for their work. Opening a brief up to a wide range of photographers allows BMG to be selective in the content that they receive and enjoy a healthy ROI when sourcing custom content. Snapwire is a platform that provides significant value for the photographer while balancing the ROI for the buyers. Both of these aspects combine to provide strong images for buyers on all budgets.



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