Case Study: Matcha Love


Matcha Love was looking to get custom recipe content using their products. They wanted to show customers how they could get more creative with their products beyond the standard use that people typically use Matcha Love for.


Getting high quality content and custom recipe creation was a challenge from the start. Not only did the content have to be spot on but the food had to taste good too if other customers were going to make their own creations with Matcha Love's products.


Snapwire sourced a food blogger who was able to create custom recipes before hand and get approval from Matcha Love. The photographer then created content that not only looked great, but tasted great too. Creative ingredients were mixed in with Matcha Love's products to create one of a kind recipes that Matcha Love could then show it's customers to inspire creativity.



Custom Recipes


Custom Content Pieces

2 week

Completion Time

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