Case Study: PF Chang's


Knowing the importance of location based content, the Creative Director at PF Chang's was tasked with figuring out how to get all of their US retail locations photographed and paired with their listings online. When searching for a local location online, PF Chang's wanted to ensure that a high-quality visual was displayed to give the customer a good idea of what the location looks like and where it's located.


PF Chang's has just over 210 locations in the United States and their Creative Director wanted to get each location's exterior photographed. The photos needed to be shot landscape and display a wide view so that the viewer had context about where the specific building was located. Most importantly, the photos needed to be high quality. Traditionally, to get a job like this done, the Creative Director would need to go out and find individual freelancers in each city to grab the shot. A project like this would likely cost between $300-$500 per shot, and hundreds of hours of labor to organize and coordinate the entire production. The traditional method simply isn't scalable so PF Chang's decided to turn to Snapwire to help.


Snapwire is a platform that combines technology with a community of creators located globally to scale location-based content needs. Our robust creative brief allows images buyers to describe in detail and sample imagery what they are looking to get photographed, and set a budget for the job. Our location-mapping feature allows the brief to be discoverable by a map for photographers to find and complete. For these specific requests, Snapwire helped PF Changs launch them as direct requests assigned to a single photographer. These briefs were only open to the best photographers on the Snapwire platform and the best photographer was assigned to complete the job. Being a tech-driven platform, Snapwire has the ability to launch these creative briefs at scale - and were able to launch all 200+ in a matter of minutes. Snapwire was able to produce high quality imagery for all 200+ locations in just under 3 weeks, saving PF Chang's money in the time it would have taken to traditionally get this done. On top of that, Snapwire was able to scale these requests at an affordable price.



Custom Content Pieces


Locations Shot

2 Weeks

Completion Time

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