Case Study: RentPath


Rentpath is a leading digital marketing solutions company that empowers millions in the USA to find houses and apartments to rent. RentPath connects it's users with the ideal home based on data collection and specific advertising. RentPath's goal is to simplify the way users search for their next rental property, driving quality property adveritising to prospected renters, creating a more efficient occupancy process and a higher return of investment for it's partners.


RentPath is in the process of building a neighborhood guide, a thorough piece of content to provide lifestyle information to prospected renters in cities across the US. To go along with the data, RentPath was in need for high quality images depicting the neighborhoods as if one were to travel through, visiting potential properties. RentPath required all images to adhere to a specific style guide across multiple cities, and hundreds of neighborhoods. The task seemed unmanageable if it were to be produced without the help of Snapwire and their network of thousands of photographers across the US.


Snapwire helped RentPath by first creating a collaborative style guide with RentPath that detailed the look and feel of the images. This style guide was sent to photographers onboard for the project. Snapwire assisted with quality assurance of the images, selecting primary images for RentPath to use and present in their guide. Snapwire's strength in this assignment was the ability to mobilize photographers quickly while coaching them efficiently to shoot on-brand, high quality content.



# of Neighborhoods


# of Images Produced

45 days

Completion time

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