Case Study: Ride Sharing Company


One of the biggest ride-sharing platforms in the world wanted to create engaging localized content to promote to localized audiences. They were targeting one of their most populated cities first and needed a few thousand locations shot. They needed the content to be unique, and found no where else in the world.


This project was spearheaded by the company's content and SEO team. The SEO value of having truly unique content shot custom to the specific creative guides of the brand was important. The team knew they couldn't source this content from a traditional stock agency. The challenge was figuring out how to outsource the production of custom content that was also affordable to their budget.


Snapwire helped scale the production of this content by assigning several talented local photographers. In addition, Snapwire helped with the goal of driving SEO value by inserting custom metadata fields into the images. Each image was embedded with information about the specific location it depicted, copyright information, and a custom description. This provided enormous value to the SEO team.



Locations Captured


SEO Optimized Content Pieces Produced

2 Week

Completion Time

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