Case Study: Zagat


The Zagat Survey collects, analyzes, and streamlines the ratings of restaurants by diner and on-the-ground experts. For those looking for exceptional dining experiences, Zagat cuts down on the clutter to guide you to the best sushi place in town or the hottest cocktail lounge. Having one of the largest networks of reviewed restaurants in the world, Zagat has been a consistent provider of accurately peer reviewed restaurants, bars, and eateries.


Zagat Survey needed to source high-quality, on-brand images for over 2,000 restaurant listings across the nation for their website and app. These images needed to accurately depict the exterior and interiors of every location and signature dishes or drinks of each restaurant. Zagat needed these photos to be consistent and follow strict brand guidelines. Even more difficult was the coordination and scheduling with photographers across thousands of different restaurants. The labor time involved in a project like this made it nearly an impossible task without the network Snapwire was able to provide.


Snapwire helped Zagat Survey source skilled local photographers across the US to shoot mouthwatering photos of their top restaurant listings. Snapwire worked closely with the Zagat team to build a creative style guide, shot list, and managed the production from start to finish. In the end we were able to significantly reduce the costs traditionally associated with planning a production on this scale and produce thousands of content pieces that were consistent stylistically.



Custom Content Pieces


Restaurants Shot

6 weeks

Completion Time

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