Wedding Dress Shopping

Client Use
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Images of wedding dress shopping or wedding dress store.

DO: Natural lighting. Casual, relaxed looking people. Snapshot of real life moment.
DON’T: Staged poses. Unnatural or moody light, unnnatural styling and casting.

All shots / situations will be required to work in portrait and landscape with consideration for copy or CTA elements. Bleed needed on all sides (Subjects to be in the middle).

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4 years ago - Due to an inability by the creator of this request to come to a final decision, this request has been closed by Snapwire.
4 years ago - I'd love an update as well....
4 years ago - @ Jenna Mills - any updates by chance on this request?
4 years ago - Has anything been purchased?
4 years ago - Also I have the full res images available but for times sake I uploaded smaller sizes.
4 years ago - I'm assuming you want unedited photos, to give your team more options. Is that correct?
4 years ago - Can you please let me know what you are paying per image. I see $2000 but is that your overall budget for several images? There is a gorgeous modern gown store here with natural light & Im willing to go take some amazing images for you if it pays well. I guarantee you will love
4 years ago - Any way to get an idea of what the image will be used for? Thanks!