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This request is in effort to help a large, national nonprofit organization for women’s heart health better portray the multicultural audience they inspire every day. These images will be used. This means showing girls and/or women of every shape, size, style, color and age. This means, we want images of women with: tattoos; every skin shade; hair styles from pink to cropped to braided to natural; from young to old; from every walk of life.
Images must meet the following requirement:
 The image must include a pop of red, and/or the primary color of clothing must be red
 Include a woman 30+, or group of women
 Should not be posed; mainly not looking into camera
 Authentic moments not manufactured
 Moments of positive emotion - love, happiness, empowerment, engaging with each other, support AND/OR Moments that depict healthy choices
The images should also include one or more of the following:
 Movement somewhere within the image (preferable if there is only one woman depicted)
 Female hand(s), feet, legs, etc.
 Women with imperfections (weight, scars, age marks, wrinkles, etc)
 Aged 30+
 Woman with children okay
 Different ethnicities within the same shot

Inspiration Images:

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
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2 years ago - Thanks for nomination:-)
3 years ago - @AshlieIgnite Hello, Your main sample photo is me and my daughter.I was going to submit it tonight but the request just closed. If you guys would like the purchase that photo I can add it to my collection. Let me know. Thanks
3 years ago - thanks you very much for the nomination :-*
3 years ago - Thank you very much for the nominations!!!!
3 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination
3 years ago - Thank you for the nomination :)
3 years ago - Thank you for the nomination 😍
3 years ago - Thank you!
3 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!
3 years ago - brief says: should not be posed, looking at camera but the exact same shot is nominated??? so is this ok?
3 years ago - Hello, one of your sample photos is actually me and my daughter. If you guys want to buy it and use it I can submit it.
3 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
3 years ago - Really appreciate the nomination!
3 years ago - Thank you for the nominations Ashlie:-)
3 years ago - Thank you for the nominations)
3 years ago - Thanks for the nominations!)