Metaphoric chess pieces for website

Bridget Paverd
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We are a PR and social media firm looking for images to support our new website (WordPress) Need 12-14 images - chess related

Image Requirements for WordPress Site:

12 images, Chess themed/hi-tech with tablets/mobile/smartphones
Consistent background; B & W with spot color (copper)
Photographs are to support the following website categories:
1. 3 images – slider for home page (same images reused throughout the site)
2. 1-3 "About Us" page (slider) - strong, strategic, smart, unique...
3. 1 Contact page
4. 1 Team page (chess pieces lined up depicting strength, unity, brand etc)
5. 2 headshots of partners (two Queen pieces with spot color)
6. 1 Branding
8. 1 Metrics - measurement/analysis - chess piece on a chart, or as per example - with dollars (ROI)
9. 1 Website (Chess board reflected on mobile devices)
10. 1 Crisis Management (showing leadership, strength...creating order from chaos)
11. 1 Social Media - chess pieces/board with 3-4 mobile devices... chess piece taking a selfie
12. 1 Public Relations -media - chess piece one newsprint/wall Street Journal

Inspirational Images

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5 years ago - Request closed by Snapwire.
5 years ago - Didn't realize until now that I could post my thanks. Thank you for your purchase.
5 years ago - Thanks for another nomination!
5 years ago - Thank you very much for the nomination and purchase of my photo - lovely surprise
5 years ago - Thanks very much for the nomination!
5 years ago - @BGP - Thank you very much for all the nominations and purchases!! Are there any concepts for this request that you are still looking to fill?
5 years ago - @BGP Thank you for the purchases!
5 years ago - @BGP Thank you so much for the nominations! I will get to work on this most recent request. I have some ideas.
5 years ago - Some great images have been submitted; the team love the glass/transparent chess pieces. Looking for an image that depicts BRANDING - ideas? and CRISIS ? preferably using glass chess pieces.