Coffee beans with smoke

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We need a close up photo of coffee beans with smoke from roasting the beans. Black background. Rich brown beans. Nice light.

The photo will be used for a large poster. 300dpi at 36"x54" or as large as possible. The example below is very close to what we are looking for. It just needs to be vertical.

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5 years ago - Due to an inability by the creator of this request to come to a final decision, the request has been closed by Snapwire.
5 years ago - @Christina Stein - any update by chance on this request?
5 years ago - @Christina Stein - I have the much larger TIFF file of that image if you happen to select my image. Thanks again!
5 years ago - Thanks for the nomination!
5 years ago - Yes, I can provide a larger version if you select any of mine as well.
5 years ago - Just uploaded 4 shots that are approximately 6000x8000. Cheers!
5 years ago - @Cstein - If you like, I have mine in approximately 6000X8000. Just let me know!
5 years ago - I have a 9k and I yes I can supply you with a larger version. Thank you again.
5 years ago - I did not know that there are file size restrictions. marcosv could you supply a larger image if we choose yours? What is the maximum size?
5 years ago - I just uploaded the same one with the largest dimensions I could in snapwire. Thank you for the nomination.
5 years ago - Christin, Snapwire won't let us upload files larger than 14 Mgb, and a photo at 300 dpi that is 6000 by 8000 pixels will be much larger than that. I had to reduce my file sizes just to be able to upload them, and I'm sure most of the others here did too.
5 years ago - I really like the 2 images I have nominated so far but we need a larger image. Like 6000 x 8000 pixels
5 years ago - Hi Christine. I saw that you extended the submission period. Great. Is there anything specific you think we could work on in order to achieve what you want? Thanks
5 years ago - Sorry did not know how to add smoke so just a coffee bean picture.
5 years ago - @CStein - Thanks for the nomination! If there are any tweaks you need, let me know. Have a few other looks, but that one was the best!
5 years ago - Hi Christine, judging by image size & dpi you're looking for 175 megapixel photo, also my calculations/understanding might be wrong.. Could you please clarify this? Thank you :) @CStein
5 years ago - Fantastic request!