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Looking for a minimum of 20 images of very nice, well-kept, beautiful manufactured homes, single or double wide. All makes, and models.

Homes can be of any size or age, as long as they are manufactured homes (aka mobile homes). Homes should be well-kept and beautiful - portraying the positive aspect of the homes.

Would like to purchase at least 20 images of different homes. Also interested in images of manufactured home repair and remodel activities (windows or siding being replaced, roof repair, skirting installed, etc.).

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4 years ago - Can you use different views of the same house, or do you want all different houses? I'm asking because we would need releases for a house not ours.
5 years ago - Thank you so very much for the nomination.
5 years ago - Probably not. I figured I would just buy a few photos once or twice each year to reduce the time spent. I run a fairly popular website for mobile/manuf. homes by myself so I always need photos and the easier the better! Thanks!
5 years ago - going to advertise on every request?
5 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!