Open book with a single stone on it

book cover
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Im looking for a beautiful, artistic shot of a single stone resting on an open book.

The book is about Native Canadian, first-nations, writing so the any english type should be obscured somehow or at the least not legible. The pages can be in motion (i.e in the process of being flipped) but no hand should be visible. The book could also be static, just open on a plain background.

The stone can be rough, or smooth, but should be small enough to be held with one hand.

The image should have a dreamy, lush feel to it and use of filters and dramatic lighting would be fine. Think warm, literary and lush.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
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Conceptual Fine Art Miscellaneous Still Life
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4 years ago - @Duncan Noel Campbell - thanks so much for the nomination!
4 years ago - Thank you for the nominations- got to be creative - thanks!
4 years ago - @Duncan Noel Campbell. Had a lot of fun with this request. Thank you for the Nomination!
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4 years ago - @Duncan Noel Campbell managed to get some photos in to your request hope they might work for you any feed back is always welcome
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4 years ago - Hi @Duncan, I've uploaded a few shots, with 2 different stones, at different angles and in different plane positions, let me know if they work
4 years ago - @Duncan-Noel-Campbell I tried adding the native writing to one of my images. Not sure if it works. :)
4 years ago - Any preferences about the environment?
4 years ago - I have other shots with different angles