Stack of Rubber Awareness Bracelets

A book cover
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We want images of many plastic awareness bracelets (the ones you get for free from charities) all different colours, together in one shot. The shot could be either a stack of five (up to 8) the bracelets or the sme amount dangling on a wman's wrist, any ethnicity.

When photographing please turn the braclets so none of the text is visible. If this isn't possible (theres text all around the band) we can photoshop out the text.

The intention is to photoshop the title of the book on to the bands so the amount of overlapping on the bands should be minimal, but they can be overlapped slightly, as in the sample photos.

We're looking for a clean, bright look, so the background should be plain, without any very dark shadows.

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3 years ago - @Duncan-Noel-Campbell Big thank you for the purchase!
3 years ago - @Duncan-Noel-Campbell Thank you very much for the nominations!
3 years ago - @Duncan Noel Campbell completed the shots for your request and once again thanks for invitation
3 years ago - @Duncan-Noel-Campbell I have upload a sample of shot that I can do, i can edited the colors depending on your liking, if you like my shot but different colors please let me know so that I can re-shot before the request end. Cheers
3 years ago - Thanks for the invitation :)
3 years ago - @Duncan-Noel-Campbell Thanks for the invitation, I will shot on Monday / Tuesday
3 years ago - Thanks for the invite @Duncan...
3 years ago - @Duncan let me know if you would like a different background.
3 years ago - Thank you for the invite I'll see what I can do.
3 years ago - Thanks for the invitation @Duncan Noel Campbell will do my best to get these shots for you.