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Unique experiences from around the world for our travel company.
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About us: Experi designs and invents group travel programs that focus on the authentic, wonderful, and unique.

What we're looking for: People engaging in authentic experiences. This could mean a group of people sharing an al fresco meal, a scene in a Paris cafe, a group of kayakers meandering down a river, people laughing and enjoying each other's company, the list goes on. Ideally, these experiences would be taking place in recognizable locales, but the focus is on the experience, so if you have a shot of half a dozen people riding bikes down the street in your hometown in the afternoon light, that's great too.

A mix of ages or a group of adults is ideal. Photos of teens or kids won't work.

Aesthetically we want images that feel authentic - nothing overly posed or artificial. The tone should be rich and dark. No HDR photos, no saccharine over-processed colors. No instagram filters please. Dramatic but real lighting is always a plus. See photos below for examples of our vibe as well as

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