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Show us your city! We want extremely beautiful photos that capture the essence and trademark of the city or town you live in.

Global Yodel is a community of photo citizens who explore destinations, culture, and people around the world from the perspective of the local.

Photos must be shot in the city you call home. We are looking for beautiful inspiring photos that capture the essence and trademark of your specific city or town. We don't want shots that could have been taken anywhere.

IF YOUR PHOTO IS NOMINATED: Please use this link http://globalyodel.com/contribute to submit a 'Yodel' to the Global Yodel website for a chance to be featured. There you will be able to answer a full set of interview questions about your work, your city and upload the nominated photo to get featured on our site. Our favorite Yodel submission to this contest will receive $200.

In the Snapwire caption please write what city/area your photo was taken (should be the same area you live) and give us a brief local tip. Example: Seattle, Washington - locals don't use umbrellas

日本語はこちら http://goo.gl/xmH41v

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