Big Shot - Las Vegas

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You will be shooting Big Shot in Las Vegas

Google is looking to capture locations all over the world and needs beautiful photos of landmarks in certain regions.
Photos are the first thing potential travelers look at when searching for things to do in an area.
Your photos will greatly impact those who go looking for things to do in new cities.
If you participated in the Zagat Requests previously run by Google then you should understand the quality Google expects.
These requests are extremely time sensitive so please be aware of the deadlines currently present.

Ideally you will have all photos uploaded and edited by the deadline of this request.
The shot list for this assignment if much more general. Please absolutely NO abstract looking shots (ie. zooming in on strange angles, details on a building, etc.).
Please thoroughly read the Google style guide found here

Images should be consistent in style and fully capture whatever geographical point of interest is in the brief.

- Exterior Establishment Shot

Please include horizontal/landscape and vertical/portrait orientation. Aim to shoot 1/100 of a second and over expose by 1 f-stop to meet our style. We may purchase more depending on quality of photos.

Big Shot

Las Vegas

Additional Requirements
Space For Copy:
Photo Size:
4MP+ (ex: 2272x1704px+)
Model Release:
Big Shot
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Food and Drink Buildings Cities and Regions
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Messages posted by users

1 year ago - Hi @Google team, I'm a shooter I've just submitted some shots, but I cannot submit more than 5, please invite me to this challenge I have lots!! Tks. Barbara
1 year ago - what does big shot mean here? 🤔
1 year ago - i'll Hope my shots will be nominated...At least 😆😆😊
1 year ago - Susan...I agreed with you...I dont know why people submitted "wrong" photos 😅 i put 2 photos of Big Shot...I went there a couple of years' s was very thrilling But funny😆
1 year ago - be advised; there is a charge to ride the elevator to the top of the stratosphere. Happy Traveling!
1 year ago - I'm confused as to why people submit photos that do not pertain to the brief? I lived in Las Vegas for eleven years and only one photo is of the "Big Shot" in this request. Unfortunately I don't have any of the Big Shot ☚ī¸.